Sunday, June 6, 2010

Grandpa Roy Column


Hey everyone, Drew back here with a brand new Grandpa Roy Column question. I've been practically swimming in these things lately, but I haven't gotten to post one so far since I'm so behind and busy. But, I got a question today that I wanted to share with you all, and here it is:

This year in Major League Baseball we have seen a no-hitter, 2 perfect games, and 1 should have been perfect game. Pitching has been incredibly strong this year, especially led by Ubaldo Jimenez, Colorado Rockies pitcher with 10 wins and an under 1 ERA. We've also seen Phillies ace Roy Halladay throw a perfect game, which leads me to my question. Other than Roy Halladay, which 4 pitchers have thrown a perfect game AND have won a Cy Young Award in their career?

1. Roy Halladay
2. Randy Johnson (guessed by Spastik Mooss)
3. David Cone (guessed by Jordan)
4. Sandy Koufax (guessed by Jonathan)
5. Catfish Hunter (guessed by PAB)

So, please leave me a comment if you know an answer, please only one answer at a time, so others can get the opportunity to vote. There's no prize for this, so if you don't know the answer please don't look it up online. Thanks so much everyone and get voting!

Before I leave you, Grandpa Roy gave me an interesting point on the Galaragga should have been perfect game. He says that he thinks that the pitcher NEVER had full control of the ball in his glove and that the runner MAY have been safe. Here's a good picture of this

Let me know what you think! Actually, this post is number 600 for me total, so I think I'm a veteran by now haha! See Ya!


  1. Randy Johnson!

    And I've seen the "bobble" argument...if you watch the video all the way through though, he has it in his webbing at first for the out, and then flips it into his glove afterwards when he knows he had it and the game is "over." IMO anyways haha.

  2. Didn't David Cone win the Cy one year? I may be wrong, and I may just be guessing, but I think that Cone did one. Probably in his Royals years or something...

  3. Spastik Mooss and Jordan are correct, Kenny Rogers never did though

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  5. I'll go with Catfish Hunter for the final point.

  6. Well... yeah Jonathan, but it doesn't count for anything lol. PAB got the last one right so we got them all!!! I'll have the results up in a few days!


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