Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let the Games Begin (Again)...

Hey guys, Drew back here. Ok, so I can seriously explain this. I hung out with a friend for about 30 hours, Friday night and Saturday till 11:30. This morning we went to Church and out for lunch for Mother's Day. On Friday night I had a game against an undefeated team and we beat them and continue to roll with a 9-0 record. I had an RBI single so that broke a hitting slump I've been in. Ok, now, Round 2 is here and if any of the region owners are reading this please remove your last polls and make Round 2 polls. Here is the updated bracket, a few upsets in my opinion, and I don't get how some people voted AGAINST Vernand Morency and Chris Johnson. I mean, they still won in a landslide but wow, how can you not vote for them?

(click to see a bigger picture)

My polls will be up in a moment, and my round 2 matchups are

Check Point Region Matchups ROUND 2

Matchup 1: Vernand Morency (1) vs. Eric Byrnes (8)[Byrnes.jpg]

Matchup 2: Chad Ochocinco (2) vs. Jonathan Papelbon (7)

Matchup 3: Rashard Mendenhall (3) vs. Vernon Davis (6) davis.jpg Vernon Davis image by auburnsteeler88

Matchup 4: Matt Leinart (4) vs. Dustin Keller (5)

Ok, so please everyone go out there and vote for the worst auto! And be sure to go to JD's Wild Cardz, Mint Condition, and On Card Autos and vote in their regions when their polls are posted!

See Ya!

For other region owners: Please use the seed numbers in order of which ones were still left! If a 16 seed won, make it the 8 seed, and place them in a similar way like that!

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