Sunday, May 2, 2010

CONTEST!!! 2010 Tristar TNA The New Era Blaster

Hey guys, Drew back here. Today we have a very special blaster box break provided to me by Tristar. I've been talking with them for a while now about sponsoring and there is a good chance that I will soon sponsor the company full time. So, I was very excited to hear that they wanted to send me some of their new TNA The New Era cards.

Here are the pictures of all 24 cards in this blaster:

Now, since I agreed to review the product, here are the pros and cons of the product:


1: Cool Photography, A few of the cards had some boring posed shots, but most of them had a lot of cool action and I enjoyed the break. I like the Abyss and Amazing Red cards the best, they have awesome pictures.

2: Design, Well, the design is ok. It could be a pro or con, because it does look a little dull but good enough. The foil on the autograph card adds a little more style so it looks pretty good overall.


1: Sticker Autos, This is certainly an issue we have throughout the Blogosphere, so I figured I'd address it first and foremost. It doesn't look that bad but on card would be much cooler.

2: Too Much Packaging for Too Little Cards, Honestly, we don't need a huge blaster for one pack of 24 cards, maybe the size of one of those Topps cereal boxes would help.

Well, that's all I really have to say about the product, I'm not a big TNA guy by any means, but I did recognize some of the names. I'm planning on keeping 1 Hulk Hogan and 1 Ric Flair card, but I have 2 little mini contests for you all.

Contest 1: For all of the base cards in the blaster (other than the 2 I said I'm keeping), please give me a letter grade of this product (A, A+, B, C, you know).

Contest 2: For the Autograph of Star Wrestler/Fighter Dr. Stevie, explain what you like and don't like about the product. It doesn't have to be long, but maybe 2-3 sentences.

Ok, so PLEASE comment on this post if you want in, who doesn't like free cards? The contest ends next Friday at 10:00 PM!!! If I'm busy, I'll random it off Saturday morning. I know not many of you are here to see TNA cards, more towards baseball, but hey, maybe you'll like to have them!

Thanks Tristar so much for the blaster, and See Ya!


  1. I'm gonna give it a C. Some of the pictures are cool, but a lot of posed shots, which didn't really impress me. I like the action shots...guys in headlocks, guys jumping off the top ropes, guys in special moves, that kind of thing. That said, I'd love the auto, so hey...that's 4 sentences lol.

  2. I will go with a B.
    PROS I like the design and the photography is very good. The auto is real nice.
    CONS Like Moose said, a few more action shots would be nice and I didn't see any inserts except the auto. I am not saying have a ton of subsets like Topps has been doing but one or two insert sets makes for a nice change of pace from the base.

  3. I give it a B. One auto per blaster is good. I also like when people put extra stuff on their auto ("is out"). Photography looks good, especially the action shots. Think other inserts would add to the product.

  4. I'll go with a C.

    The best part is that you get one auto per blaster - you don't see that much, usually it's even more desirable game used stuff! I also like the inscription.

    The worst part is that the auto is a sticker, I hate those, and it's on an ugly card design to boot. The whole look is so basic.

    My two cents... good luck to me!

  5. I give it a B+. I am a fan of TNA and the cards capture the moments well. Although I can see the need for more action shots. The latest Tristar effort is 100% better than their first product. They had cards like

    which no one wants and not at all appealing. They seem to improve with every product which is always good.

    You can't go wrong with 1 guarantee auto per blaster. I know I will be picking up a box if I see one for sale.

  6. I give it a C+. I do not love the red/burgundy stripe with the name. I am not sure what it is, maybe it is too big or maybe I don't love it with the Grey stripe above it. My other issue with he cards is that there seem to be too few high flying, acrobatic photos. That being said I do like the cards, I just don't love them. 1 auto/blaster does makes it worth picking up.


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