Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hey guys, Drew back here, after just making a huge list of baseball players who sign Through the Mail. That is my general topic of the day today, as I just put up a new poll, who is the best current TTM signer. You may not be a part of TTM's, but they are great. A dollar for autographs? That's a fantastic deal! Anyway, I made the list on Microsoft Word, so if you would like a copy of it please email me at and I'll send you it. I forgot to mention in there that some retired and Hall of Famers (and Andrew Miller) charge money for autographs. Harmon Killebrew charges the most, about $65 an auto, and Yogi Berra charges between $30 and $50, and I'm going to send to him soon. Anyway, this poll is between:
Joe Nathan, Twins All Star Closer

buehrle004_edited.jpg image by bryanspellman
Mark Buehrle, White Sox Starter
Pat Neshek, Twins Pitcher
Garret Anderson, Braves Outfielder (photo from OMG autos)
Michael Cuddyer, Twins, Outfielder

So we now also know the Twins are the best signing team. Fransisco Liriano and Kevin Slowey also sign, and former Twinkies David Ortiz, and A.J. Pierzynski also occasionally sign! Who will win? Vote vote vote and we'll find out! See Ya!


  1. Buehrle seems to have slowed down of late. I sent one over a month ago and still haven't heard back. In fact, it was about a week before his perfect game...


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