Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grandpa Roy Column Answers

Hey guys, Drew back here, after I let the latest Grandpa Roy Column question last for like a week it's time to reveal the answers to the question, which if you need refreshing, here is the question again:

I am one of 3 men in the history of Major League Baseball to proudly wear the uniform of the Giants, Dodgers, Mets and Yankees. I also hit an inside the park homerun in the World Series. Who am I? And who are the other 2?


And your answers,

1: Casey Stengel, Inside the Parker and All 4 Teams, guessed by Captain Canuck
2: Daryl Strawberry, Played for all 4 Teams, guessed by Night Owl
3: Ricky Ledee, Played for all 4 Teams, guessed by Night Owl (+2 points for him because there were only 3 and we didn't noticed that there were 4)
4: Jose Vizcaino, Played for all 4 Teams, not guessed by anyone

So, +3 to Night Owl, +1 to Captain Canuck. Thanks for looking! image by dodgersrule7

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