Monday, September 21, 2009


Hey guys, please take a look below, there is a chance for a bonus if you guess any of the 3 players in this question that have won a High School Championship, College Championship, NBA Championship, and an Olympic Gold Medal in their basketball careers? 1.5 points will be given for each of these 3 bonus dudes guessed. Also, there is one more player in the 1st 7 that won a college, NBA, and Olympic Gold medal that hasn't been guessed yet.

And, please vote on the POLL!!!! Who is the best baseball retired through the mail signer? Kent Hrbek has 1 vote, and Mike Mussina and Pete Rose have 2 votes each! Break the tie!


  1. I'll put Clyde Lovette here as well for the final of the 7......I wanna name the 3 so bad.....must refrain.....did narrow it down to only out of 6 in the last thread.


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