Saturday, September 12, 2009


You heard it right, I'm not collecting Brian Bruney any more. I only ended up with like 5 cards of him or something, 3 total autographs if you include the 8 x 10 when I met him. So, I had a choice to make, out of these guys:

Jorge Posada: Maybe, but hard to find his autographs in cards, plus they sell too much $
Jose Molina: No
Fransisco Cervelli: Really like this guy, he'd be up there on my list but I want someone already solid!
Mark Teixeira: Can barely spell his name right, no thanks, but I do like him too.
Robinson Cano: He could be the one, solid already, hitting in the .300s with 20+ homers
Derek Jeter: Still collecting the hit king, just in base cards though, can't afford the big stuff.
Alex Rodriguez: No, collect base cards for him as well
Ramiro Pena: Have his auto, don't really want to collect him.
Jerry Hairston Jr.: No
Johnny Damon: Like him, but not enough to collect him
Brett Gardner: So fast, but no
Melky Cabrera: Like him too, but Cano more
Nick Swisher: One of my Yankees favorites, could collect him as well
Shelley Duncan: No
Hideki Matsui: No, never really a fan but still like to have his cards

Alfredo Aceves: Good pitcher, but does he have an auto this year?
Jonathan Albaladejo: Nah, I'll pass on middle relievers this time
Brian Bruney: Like him, but he's doing terrible so I really don't want to collect him.
A.J. Burnett: Nah
Joba Chamberlain: Too expensive to collect, but I do want his auto
Phil Coke: Again, enough with middle relievers
Michael Dunn: Never heard of him
Chad Gaudin: Nah
Phil Hughes: Like him, but again too expensive to collect
Damaso Marte: Nah
Mark Melancon: Need the Topps Chrome autograph if anyone has it, but I'm not a collector
Sergio Mitre: Nah
Andy Pettitte: Not too bad to collect, really like him, but I don't want to collect him I guess.
Edwar Ramirez: Nah
Mariano Rivera: Too expensive
David Robertson: He's injured now, does he have a card?
CC Sabathia: Nah
Josh Towers: Never heard of him

Or one of the up and comers:
Austin Jackson: Nah
Jesus Montero: Want his autograph, possibly
Ian Kennedy: NO!!!!!!!!
Anthony Claggett: Nah
Kei Igawa
And More!

Or an injured guy:
Xavier Nady: Nah
Chien-Mien Wang: Nah

So it comes down to Cano, Jeter, A-Rod, Cervelli, Montero, and Swisher. Lets take the 2 catchers Cervelli, and Montero out. I'll mention I collect base cards of A-Rod and Jeter, so now I mainly collect:

Nick Swisher and....

Robby Cano!

Please, will post up what I have soon, let me know if you have any good stuff of these guys. Thanks, Drew, and See Ya!

ALSO, if you have rookie cards of the following please let me know, still collecting Yankee rookie cards:
Edwar Ramirez
David Robertson
Mark Melancon
Eric Hinske
Jerry Hairston Jr.
Sergio Mitre
Josh Towers
Michael Dunn


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  1. Drew, I have a small stack of Yankees for ya... can you e-mail me your address? thanks!


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