Friday, September 11, 2009

2009 Donruss Threads Football Box Break Review

Hey guys, Drew back here, after Mike & I opened our box of 09 Threads football a few days ago, here is the recap:

2009 Donruss Threads Football Hobby Box - Click Image to Close

24 Packs per Box
5 Cards Per Box
120 Cards Per Box
4 Hits Per Box, including 2 Autographs
1 Letter Patch Auto per box

The base set is 101 cards, and that Brett Favre big card everybody's talking about, this one:

Sorry, but it only is included in retail with a print run of 4,444 (Get it?). There are many insert sets, some are un-serial numbered but some are. Insert Sets like Gridiron Kings are only numbered if there is a different border around the card than this original. Pretty confusing huh?

MY BOX BREAK RESULTS (remember, I split this box)
Just about all of the base set
2 Normal Generations Inserts (Butkus-Urlacher, Stewart-Williams)

Both not numbered, Mike has the Butkus/Urlacher and I have the Panthers backs

3 Gridiron Kings Inserts: (Godfrey, Jared Cook, Laurunaitis)

The 1st one is Mike's, the bottom 2 are mine, not numbered

1 Century Legends (Jerry Rice)
2 Triple Threats (Falcons, Ravens)
1 Century Stars (Romo)

1 College Greats (Nate Davis)

All of these aren't numbered either, I have the Davis, and the Ravens, Mike has the Rice, the Falcons, and the Romo

Eddie Williams RC #ed/999 MINE
Sherrod Martin RC #ed/999 MIKES
Tyrone McKenzie RC #ed/999 MIKES
Hunter Cantwell RC #ed/999 MINE
Shaun Hill Refractor #ed/250 I believe MINE
Clay Matthews RC Refractor #ed/100 I think MINE
Bernard Scott RC Refractor #ed/100 I think MIKES
Knowshon Moreno Gridiron Kings #ed 6/25!!! MINE
Brian Westbrook/Marion Barber III Generations Refractor (don't know numbering, maybe to 250 or something) MIKES

Mike's Hits!

Donald Brown Manufactured Letter Patch Autograph

Century Legends Archie Manning Jersey

My Hits!

Brooks Foster Rookie Auto :(

And the final hit of the box....

Matthew Stafford/Mark Sanchez Dual Jersey #ed/500!!!
Well, it would be a great card, too bad its FROM AN EVENT!!!! Part 2, the grading coming soon to drewscards! See Ya!


  1. Out of curiousity, how do you decide who gets which hits?

  2. Mike & I use to randomize the hit order. We put the 4 or whatever hits on a list, one of us picks evens or odds, and we randomize it usually around 10 times. Since he is a Giant fan and I am a Jet fan, if we get a hit of our favorite teams its ours to keep. Now we also use a hit of the box thing, where whoever had the best hit in the last box doesn't get the best hit in the next box, we go back and forth. Thanks for asking!

  3. Nice Break, like the archie jersey. If your looking to sell the donald brown manf patch auto email me at

  4. Sorry, the Brown is my friend's, since we split the box, and he is not looking to sell. Thanks though, Drew


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