Monday, September 28, 2009

The Jets Game

Hey guys, Drew back here, just recapturing the day that was yesterday, the day of a great game. So, my dad and I went down to a McDonalds to meet up with his friend and 7 year old son Matthew, who kept informing us it was his second game. We got lost on the way to McDonalds, my dad wasn't in a good mood, and it was getting ugly at that point. But, eventually, we got there, I ate my McGriddle, and we were off.

So, we got to the stadium, very gray, rainy, and a new stadium right next store. Many things were going on, and Matthew would say every 5 seconds, "let's play football", but we wanted to wait until the gate for the parking area was closed, and it never closed, yet we still played. It was fun, but after I ate 3 cookies, I was a little full, but that didn't matter.

Then, we got into the stadium. We found our seats, 8 rows up on the 10 yard line, very nice, good environment, Jet's sideline side. The Jets just came out, and I took my poncho off at that point! Took out my camera, and got some pictures of the Jets (you'll see em soon). Both teams wore vintage jerseys, the Jets were the Titans for the day and the Titans were the Oilers, and the refrees wore orange instead of black.

There he was. I was destined to have him on my team. Even though he is from California, so I've never seen him before. He has a last name many people have heard before (no, not Ihedigbo), and a very common first name. He is Mark Sanchez, and he is awesome!

So, the pregame celebration started, and here it was:
Side note: Dustin Keller and Thomas Jones are awesome!

Then, it was finally game time. The Jets got the ball after a Leon Washington kickoff return not too far, like the 22 or something. Mark Sanchez completed a dumpload of passes on that drive, and looked really sharp. Then, they got in the red zone, and Sanchez ran it in! Video:

The Jets got the extra point, and it was a quick 7-0. But on the kickoff, the Jets recovered a fumble and they were in the red zone again! On a play action play that even had me fooled, when Thomas Jones jumped over the pile on the 3 or 4 yard line I thought he had the ball, but secretly, Sanchez still had it, and threw to Ben Hartsock (yeah, who is he?), the backup tight end, and he scored, and the Jets took the lead!

But it then went downhill from there. Sanchez threw a pick, and lost 2 fumbles, 1 of which we got back. Eventually, in the 3rd quarter, the score was 17-14 Tennessee, and I got worried. I started yelling at them, and especially the offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. Then came a big drive, and Sanchez threw a Touchdown to Cotchery! At that point the score was 21-17 Jets, with the 4th quarter left to go.

It was pretty quiet in the 4th for the Jets, but a David Harris interception after another Sanchez pick was huge, and we eventually tacked 3 more points on a Jay Feely field goal, and we never looked back. The Jets eventually won the game 24-17!

Oh, what a joy it is to be 3-0. We didn't sneak through either, we faced some tough teams, and Rex Ryan has really came through for us. Beating Houston, New England, and Tennessee is a very tough task, and we beat all 3. We are #1 in the AFC East, so that is also awesome!

Overall, my dad & I had a great time at the game. I got the 2009 Jets Yearbook, so now I have Yearbooks: 2006, 2007, 2008, & 2009! I also got 2 50 card Jets lots and the Score team set (is Topps making them this year for Football?). So, I got my 5th Sanchez rookie and more, but I'll show those tomorrow in a post with 3 recent card acquisitions. Anyway, it was a great game overall, and goodbye Giants Stadium, it's been fun!

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