Friday, October 1, 2010

TTM #23- Hall of Famer!

Hey guys, Drew back here, with my most recent TTM success, that I received in 27 days from a Hall of Famer! I was able to add another Hall of Fame Heroes Custom auto to my collection for $5 and it was completely worth it!

Duke Snider! Wow, still kinda speechless to own a Snider auto right now. It came out pretty nice, even though his signature is beginning to take a turn for the worse at 83. Still, he is a great one to add to my collection! Hitting 407 home runs will do that to your hands, so he has every right to be sloppier nowadays, considering he has a better signature than most everyone in current major league sports still.

Not only did he sign the Hall of Fame Heroes card, he signed this "Hall of Fame Heroes" card too. No I didn't steal the name on purpose, I'm very bad at set names. This autograph looks better than the other one, and the card just looks outstanding. I'm really glad he signed both for me, that's just awesome, especially to think that he played center field in New York, while Mantle and Mays also played center field at the time! Unreal.

Thanks Mr. Snider! See Ya!


  1. Both sigs look SWEET. I need to look into sending to him... Dude, your autograph collection is pretty amazing, now.

  2. Great cards Drew. I have a TTM auto of him too if you want it.


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