Friday, October 15, 2010

Yankees Hall of Fame Auto Pickup!

Hey guys, Drew back here, with a card I just recently bought on eBay. I saw some people who previously bought this card for a low price, so I figured for a nice low price I could get one too.

1993 Nabisco Catfish Hunter Autographed Card

These cards are basically as cheap as they come autograph wise, but when you see some of the names in the checklist, they turn into must buys. These small name companies did a great job with these cards, as the cards look very nice signed. I'm psyched to be able to add an auto of a deceased Yankees Hall of Fame pitcher! I watched the "Yankeeography" show on YES a while back about Catfish, and it seemed like he went through a lot and still was a great pitcher. Of course, he passed away due to ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease, in 1999, at the age of 53. What a short life lived for such a great man.

Here's the certificate, pretty nice to have, considering these Nabisco dudes don't have licenses.

Well, it was a cool pickup for sure. Thank you eBay dude!

See Ya!

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  1. That's a really awesome card. I do a lot of work in Northeast NC and have driven through his hometown, Hertford, a bunch, and there is a sign as you enter Pasquotank County that was put up as a tribute to him.


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