Monday, June 28, 2010

Grandpa Roy Column


Hey guys, Drew back here. Today we have another question courtesy of Grandpa Roy, who has been getting me plenty of questions lately to use. So, let's get started!

I am the only player to obtain at least 500 hits on 4 different teams. Who am I and what 4 teams?

Player: Rusty Staub

Team 1- Houston Astros/Colt 45's
Team 2- New York Mets
Team 3- Montreal Expos
Team 4- Detroit Tigers

Please only guess for one of the opened spots. Guess the player, or guess one of the teams, and try not to cheat or anything. No prizes are involved in this, just some fun trivia. Good luck!


  1. This is a toughie. I'll just guess Gary Sheffield. I mean...20 year career, and a bunch of different teams--how hasn't he gotten 500 for 4 teams already?

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  3. Sorry, got excited before I read the rules completely! haha

    Player- Rusty Staub!

  4. Joe is right, now guess the 4 teams!


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