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2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box Break Recap I

2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball Jumbo HTA Box - Click Image to Close

Hey guys, Drew back here. Today, I wanted to share the results of my 2010 Topps Series 2 Box Break, so let's get started. I wanted to try a jumbo this time, because I haven't before and the hat patches look nice.

10 Packs per Box
50 Cards per Pack
500 Cards per Box
1 of each Insert per Pack
10 of each Insert Per Box
1 Hat Logo Patch Per Box
1-2 Relics per Box
Possibly 1 Auto per Box
Possibly 1 Legend SP per Box

I've seen some breaks where people don't get autos, but most do have one. Of course as you know there are 330 cards in the base set, which adds on to the first series. Let's see what I got!


Base Set: 320/330

Here are most of the Yankees I pulled. I like the pics especially on the Joba and Gardner, and what Yankee fan doesn't love the World Series card?

In other teams, I got 2 Heywards, an Austin Jackson, and a Mike Leake rookie. The Reyes card has a really cool picture, possibly card of the year? A lot of great photos were used in this set, looks great!

Doubles: A lot (no idea how many haha)

Topps Attax Code Cards: 9/25, 1 double (Lance Berkman)

- Lance Berkman (x 2)
- Alexei Ramirez
- Stephen Drew
- Joey Votto
- Torii Hunter
- Grady Sizemore
- Josh Johnson
- Tim Lincecum
- Felix Hernandez

Meh. Very boring, enjoy the codes :). BTW, most of these had at least one dinged corner, any of you have the same problem with the jumbos? All for trade

Peak Performance: 10/50 (20%)

- Luis Aparicio (PP-51)
- Mike Schmidt (PP-60)
- Hunter Pence (PP-61)
- Josh Hamilton (PP-64)
- Joe Morgan (PP-70)
- Monte Irvin (PP-76)
- Matt Kemp (PP-79)
- B.J. Upton (PP-89)
- Justin Verlander (PP-86)
- Matt Cain (PP-91)

Getting kinda bored of these, still gonna try to get them all though.

History of the World Series: 10/25 (40%)

- Rogers Hornsby (HWS4)
- Babe Ruth (HWS5)
- Bob Feller (HWS9)
- Whitey Ford (HWS10)
- Yogi Berra (HWS13)
- Jim Palmer (HWS14)
- Dennis Eckersley (HWS17)
- Paul Molitor (HWS18)
- Jason Varitek (HWS19)
- Alex Gonzalez (HWS22)

Kinda boring design here, still deciding if I'll try for the set or not. It's small, so I know I can get it done pretty fast though.

Legendary Lineage: 10/30 (33%)

- Carlton Fisk/Victor Martinez (LL-33)
- Jackie Robinson/Ichiro (LL-37)
- Phil Rizzuto/Derek Jeter (LL-39)
- Harmon Killebrew/Justin Morneau (LL-40)
- Jimmie Foxx/Prince Fielder (LL-41)
- Stan Musial/Matt Holliday (LL-48)
- Juan Marichal/Tim Lincecum (LL-51)
- Rickey Henderson/B.J. Upton (LL-55)
- Honus Wagner/Andrew McCutchen (LL-58)
- Ryne Sandberg/Chase Utley (LL-60)

Still not bored of this set, they look great all together, so I'm getting these 30!!!

Vintage Legends: 1 double, 9/25 (36%)

- Tris Speaker (VLC4)
- Jackie Robinson (VLC12)
- Eddie Murray (VLC13)
- Jimmie Foxx (VLC15)
- Johnny Bench (VLC18)
- Ty Cobb (VLC20 x 2)
- Roy Campanella (VLC22)
- Cy Young (VLC23)
- Pee Wee Reese (VLC24)

I really enjoyed these cards, I'm definitely going for the set!

Cards Your Mom Threw Out: 10/58 (17%)

- Willie McCovey (CMT67)
- Harmon Killebrew (CMT70)
- Nolan Ryan (CMT76)
- Johnny Bench (CMT77)
- Paul Molitor (CMT86)
- Steve Carlton (CMT89)
- Ken Griffey Jr. (CMT98)
- Bo Jackson (CMT101)
- Alex Rodriguez (CMT106)
- Ichiro/Albert Pujols (CMT111)

Original Back: Jim Bunning (FT)

Turkey Red: 10/50 (20%)

- Adam Dunn (TR52)
- Felix Hernandez (TR61)
- Jackie Robinson (TR70)
- Tom Seaver (TR74)
- Chris Coghlan (TR76)
- Raul Ibanez (TR79)
- Lou Gehrig (TR85)
- Billy Butler (TR86)
- Ubaldo Jimenez (TR89)
- Kurt Suzuki (TR94)

Lovin Turkey Reds always, the best insert set in the product by far!!

Topps 2020: 10/20 (50%)

- Andre Ethier (T3)
- Justin Upton (T5)
- Buster Posey (T8)
- Madison Bumgarner (T9)
- Joe Mauer (T11)
- Andrew McCutchen (T13)
- Ubaldo Jimenez (T14)
- Tommy Hanson (T17)
- Clayton Kershaw (T18)
- Matt Kemp (T20)

Great looking set, just some damage on the backs, but still going for it since it's small.

Gold Parallel: 10/330 (3%) All /2010!

- Aramis Ramirez (359)
- Philadelphia Phillies (372)
- Derek Lowe (383)
- Josh Fields (387)
- Emilio Bonifacio (439)
- Jeremy Guthrie (447)
- Delmon Young (468)
- Chris Carpenter (479)
- Steve Pearce (530)
- Bird Watching Checklist (543)

Boring golds, all for trade!

Million Card Giveaway: 10, unlocked

- 1959 Frank Lary
- 1968 Hank Allen
- 1972 Sonny Siebert
- 1973 Ron Reed
- 1975 Sonny Siebert
- 1981 Jerry Remy
- 1981 Byron McLaughlin
- 1990 Rick Leach
- 1999 Paul Sorrento
- 2004 Steve Sparks

All for trade except the 1959 (unless you offer a Yankee from that set for it)

You Sketch It Card: 1

Red Hot Rookie Redemption: #3

Will it be Strasburg??? If so, it's for sale

Vintage Legend SP: Nolan Ryan (#615b)

Nothing like a nice looking Nolan Ryan card to improve the break! Now on to the main 3 hits...

Autograph: #PPA-DM Daniel Murphy

Eh.... it's for trade

Game Used: #PPR-NS Nick Swisher

Eh.... it's in the PC! I never got a hit of a player I collect before until now, and the card is really nice. It says it's just plain memorabilia, it's gray with a cool texture, I'm thinking batting gloves possibly?

Hat Patch: #MHR-301 Zack Greinke

Very nice card to finish it out, numbered out of 99, of a premier pitcher in baseball today. Too bad he plays for the Royals. It's for trade, but only for a Yankee like this of similar value.

What do you think? My review is coming up next. See Ya!


  1. My Topps Attax cards from my jumbo box were all dinged up as well. It's not even worth the postage to send them back to Topps for replacement. I'm just glad that my hits and 95% of the cards from the box were in good shape.

  2. I feed the Topps Attax cards to my kid.

  3. I hate how topps counts those attax and toppstown cards as one of the 10 or 50 cards in the package. id rather have an extra base card. And I hear ya on the damage. Seems jumbos always get messed up

  4. I've bought the small/medium packs ($9.99) and each time the Gold cards have been bent upon opening... disappointing, but I love the photos!


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