Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mail from Sports Card Forum

Hey guys, Drew back here. Sorry about all the mail posts lately, I'm behind and I've gotten a ton lately. I should be ahead after the weekend though, so that's good. I know you probably are getting a bit tired of all this, but I'm assuring you that one of those trading dead spots will be coming soon to a theater near me so the regular card news topic posts will be back. Anyway, I got a package from the Sports Card Forum, my 11th deal on the site now, and I'm impressed. Many of the Forum guys tend to be jerks but I kinda find that more on the Blowout Forum. Either way, they're both excellent trading sites, and that's why I'm on them both. Here is what I got this time:

First just a few random extras, nothing much here except for the fact that I needed the A-Rod/Jeter/Cano for the Cano PC. I have it in my 08 Heroes complete set but I did need a second for the PC, so that's cool.

And... my obsession with guys I meet's tiny pieces of jersey continue. I really enjoy meeting players, and it makes me respect them more, which is what has happened with Mattingly, Al Oliver, Dave Parker, and Bill Madlock. That is why they all deserve a spot on my PC list. John Montefusco is nice too so I may attempt to get something of his as well. Anyway, that is a 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Dave Parker relic. I really like this relic set and have about 5 now, and here's another one in it...

REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE! This is my 1st jersey piece of his and although I'd prefer him in pinstripes this is a sweet card and I'm happy to own it. These 2 relics ain't going nowhere!!!

Thanks SCF dude! And before I go, I wanted to give the Troll a quick shoutout. Well, he doesn't need much of a shoutout anymore as he just surpassed 100 followers, but he is running a contest with some sick prizes, and I hope you all can check it out. All you have to do is leave a comment with your name, be subscribed, and have him on your blog roll if you have a blog. That's it. I'm not showing you anything here, so I guess you'll just have to go to his blog to find out...

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