Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Topps Cereal Box

Hey guys, Drew back here. I went to the dentists this morning, a few stores, Chilis (pepper in some fun yall), and Modells. At Modells, I got a cereal box of 2010 Topps. Here are my results:

Base: Ask

Inserts for Trade (for inserts I need)
- TOG-15 Ozzie Smith
- HOTG17 Dodgers and Giants Move
- TTT13 Ryan Howard
- PP-11 Mel Ott
- LL24 Gibson/Lincecum

Inserts for Me!
- Mattingly Cards Your Mother Threw Out #CMT-33
- McCovey Turkey Red #TR48
- Brian Roberts When they Were Young #WTWY-BR
- Million Card Giveaway Code (resulted in 1988 Royals Leaders, ugh)

Promised Chrome Refractor
- PC9 Cy Young

Not a bad break I guess. Got 3 inserts I needed, and can probably get some people that need those inserts. The Cy is only for trade for the Rivera, Gehrig, Mantle, or any of the Yankees gold ones. Along with the cereal box, there is a deal at my Modells that if you spend $10+ dollars on Topps cards you get a 3 card mini pack of Yankees Ring Ceremony cards. I wasn't going to buy this until I noticed this deal, and here's what I got out of that pack:

2 Texs????? WTF? I was hoping for a Cano or Swisher if there is one. LMK if you have any for trade for the Tex. What a ripoff.

Email me @ if you see anything I need or you need. See Ya!

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  1. Thanks for posting that. I was curious how many base cards you got and how many insets you got in a cereal box.


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