Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hey guys, Drew back here. I need to catch a break here, I know that I'll be behind after I get back, it'll only be a few days though and I am far too upset/stressed to post anything. I got cut for the second year in a row for my school team, yet again, another year of trying to figure out what I did wrong. I don't know any way I couldn't have made it with the tryout I had, and I'd love to hear a reason from the coach as to why I got cut. Everyone there, and everyone that made it thought I should have made the team and was one of the best out there. I hustled, I ran hard and fast compared to others, I fielded well, and I hit well. I even helped the coach move some equipment and tried to talk to him and get familiar with him, since I thought I'd make it. But for some reason, I wasn't picked... again. I'm trying to control what I'm typing, I would write more but I just can't make my thoughts into words. I'm really mad that he cut me... again, and I think to be honest he has something against me. Don't know what, but that's the only reasonable thing I can think of why I didn't make it. He gave us the Michael Jordan speech on how he got cut all 4 years in high school basketball, but that doesn't help at all.

I know that many of you guys had your moments when you were kids, or maybe a few years ago, I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest card blogger out there, so please try to help me out. I'm really hurting from this, and I would really appreciate some feedback.



  1. Is there something else you can do to involve yourself with the team? Stats, equipment manager, coaches assistant? It may not be that he doesn't like you, it may just be he doesn't know you. If you spend some time around the team and show the coach what kind of worker you are maybe you would have a better chance of getting noticed.... What year in school are you?

  2. Sorry to hear that Drew. It might be the coach, it might be a lot of things you can't control. All you can do it lay yourself out there (which it sounds like you did) and not have any regrets about how you did it. At my HS (about 100 years ago) the guys who were on the big sports teams were all the kids of coaches and kids whose parents were political big shots where I grew up. I never tried out because I felt I'd have never made the team regardless. So straight up---you have a lot of us beat right there. (Honestly, it's why I took up wrestling. There were no cuts and you either beat everyone else's ass or they beat yours, period.)

    As for the Jordan thing...go back and take a look at his HOF speech. He mentions being cut in HS...and he's STILL pissed even though he's MJ and it's years later. If nothing else you don't want to be like MJ on that one.

    Anyway, go back out next year and give it everything you've got!

  3. What I would recomend is after you cool down and get yourself together you should have a calm one on one private discussion with the coach in reguards to your strong points and weak points were and what you can work on for the next time you try out. Also staying involved with the team in a positive situation (equipment, stats, writer, etc.) may give you a better shot at next years tryout or even as a mid season replacement for an injury.

  4. That sucks, man. I'm really sorry to hear that. Like Mr J Mel said, if you can still involve yourself with the team maye you'd have a better shot next year. Also, in my school there was a summer league team where a lot of the ballplayers from the high school played together. If your school has something like that this summer it would be worth trying to get on that team to play with some of the guys.

    My old man was my high school coach. He'd been the coach since before I was born. It depended on how many kids tried out but he usually had to make some cuts too. I do know that he absolutely agonized over those decisions.

  5. Bummer dude.
    My dad has three words about baseball.
    Pitching, Pitching, Pitching. There is only one guy that has the ball EVERY PLAY OF THE GAME. If you can pitch, you have a shot. Work on your arm strength. Not tricky pitches...heat. Throw everyday, even if it's for 5 or 10 minutes just to stretch it out. Coaches notice when a guy has an arm.
    Don't give up. It's the greatest game ever.

  6. I agree with everyone. Check your email Drew for my in depth analyses.

  7. Drew,

    I would approach the coach with a positive attitude, which we know you have, and simply ask him what you can do to improve so to make the team next time. It might be something you are not even thinking about.

    Then work your tail off.


  8. Hey Drew, I'm so sorry to hear about your team. What year in school are you? I've learned that HS coaches are notoriously terrible about these sorts of things. Often times deserving kids get cut and undeserving kids make it for reasons out side of your control. If I were you, after you cool down a bit, I'd talk to the coach and ask him what aspects of your game need improvement to help you make the team next year. I would also try to get involved in a summer team (hopefully with some of the other HS players, but even if not it is good practice) and a fall-league team.

    I know that this can be tough, but if you love the sport as much as it sounds like, stick with it.

  9. Wow, thanks everybody for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I'll try to answer everything you said right here. First off, I'm in 8th grade, so not in high school yet, and this is my last year with this coach, next year I get a new one.

    Mr J Mel, you said I should try getting a job with the team. Although that will get me more familiar with the coach, this is my last year with him and if I'm the waterboy or something it'll be embarrassing to be around the team when I should be on it.

    BA Benny, I'm really considering talking to this coach sometime. He works at another school and comes here every day for practice, so it will be tough but since I'm doing spring track I should be able to catch him.

    Larry, I should work my arm a little more. I throw kinda hard and used to pitch, but it does need to get faster. I'll start working on that no doubt.

    Thanks everyone, should be back tonight or tomorrow! Drew

  10. Drew, I played in high school for 2 years, JV ball. I stopped though because the V coach was just as bad as JV coach, his problem? He played favorites. I got 3 starts as a starting pitcher, but besides that I did nothing, and there were players who were much better than me, and they all got cut or never played. Coaches play favorites and its ridiculous, I wouldnt take it too seriously! I hope you have success in baseball next tryouts! were all rootin for ya!


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