Friday, March 19, 2010

Some New Additions

Hey guys, Drew back here. Ok, my break is over, and I've sorta gotten over cuts. Here are some cards my dad got me a week or so ago:

First, the complete 1993 Upper Deck set, including that beauty below it. That will be in the set, because I do have one already. The marks are just on the scanner. The sucky part about this set is that every card gets stuck to each other, so I will take hours trying to pry them all apart. It is a great set, and I'm happy to own it.

He included 4 packs of 2008 Topps football, I don't buy much football but as you know, I'm a big Jet fan, and I'm so surprised that I pulled a Dustin Keller rookie in it. Surprisingly, I didn't have this card, and it was a cool pull for me. All of the other cards are for trade in these packs.

Lastly, I know I owe a lot of Mets fans stuff, but I can't give this one up. Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver are 2 of the greatest pitchers and it looks good in my mini Hall of Fame collection. This is an awesome card and I'm happy to have it. Sorry Anthony and Joe :)

Thanks dad! See Ya!

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