Sunday, October 11, 2009

An unforgettable game

Hey guys Drew back here. I was at my friend's house last night while my sister celebrated her 9th birthday with 5 or 6 of her friends over at the house. So glad I left. Anyway, I didn't get to finish celebrating the Yankee game with all you guys. No, I didn't go to the game, but I felt like I was part of it.

The ALDS Game 2 Yanks vs. Twins was unbelievable. So many pitchers were used, so many jams were escaped, and so many mistakes were made by both teams that could have ended it early. Brett Gardner did a nice job on the bases until he was doubled up running home to end the 10th inning. But some things we capitalized on, including these:

I've seen some awesome games recently. Both Yanks games were good, this one being amazing, and that Twins Tigers game had to be game of the year. The Twins are in a tough hole now, as they need to win tonight to stay alive. We'll see tonight. See Ya!

Oh, and congrats to Torre and da Dodgers, we'll see them later!

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