Friday, October 9, 2009

An awesome eBay purchase, thanks Crawford Cards!

Hey guys, Drew back here. Yesterday I got more mail, but I had to study for a science test and play dodgeball so I held it off until today. I've been extremely busy lately, so please bare with me here and throughout the school year. Anyway, this auction was brought to my attention by Paul from Carl Crawford Cards. He sent me an email after I requested Al Hammell cards, to an eBay auction featuring his card. It cost 10 bucks shipped for the 30 card lot featuring Preston Wilson and Ron Washington as the manager. Pretty horrible price for the lot but OK. I did some work bringing up Halloween decorations and she said she'd get it for me. So, now I have this set of like 25 no names that I really would love to make a bonfire out of, but I do have these:

Thanks dude for showing me this, I now have a baseball card of my teacher!

I'll have the trivia answers tonight


  1. $10 for a bunch of minor league cards? I think I will email you personally for my opinion of that 'deal'.

  2. Drew: Glad you dig the cards!

    As for the price, I feel your pain. Unfortunately that's the name of the game with minor league sets. It's a seller's market because so FEW people have the goods that sellers jack up the price. A cousin of mine played in the minors for a few years, and the only cards from those years on ebay are sold, individually, for $15. That's $15 for a non-name minor leaguer who never sniffed that majors! At some point I'll pay it because having one would be awesome (kind of like your Hamell card) but until then...


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