Friday, October 9, 2009

Grandpa Roy Answers

Hey guys, Drew back here, with the answers to the Grandpa Roy recent question, here it is again just in case you forgot:

The Triple Crown is a very rare event in baseball. Not many people get to cherish the position, but a few cherished it for a long time. There are 4 players in MLB history who had led their league (American/National) in batting average, home runs, and runs batted in (Triple Crown) in a single decade. One of them is Albert Pujols, who has led the National League in batting average, homers, and rbi's in the 2000's decade. Name the other 3!

1: Albert Pujols, 2000-2009, provided by me
2: Rogers Hornsby, 1920-1929: Spastik Moose
3: Ted Williams, 1940-1949: Dan (The Other World)
4: Honus Wagner, 1900-1909, provided by me

So, anyway, you guys nailed 2 of the 3 guys, after I provided you with Pujols. Not bad! I bet you all are surprised someone like Ruth, Mantle, Mays, and other legends aren't in this, it is pretty amazing of a stat. Rogers Hornsby, perhaps the most underrated player of all time, shows how great he is by dominating the 1920's, over Ruth, Gehrig, and Foxx. Very surprising though huh? Anyway, great job all of yall, stay tuned for another question possibly over the weekend! See Ya!

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  1. yesss I was really worried I was wrong. So glad I went Hornsby.


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