Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Amazing Christmas Gift from an Amazing Friend!! Must Read!

Hey guys, Drew back here. I've blogged here for over 2 years (yes I always miss the anniversary, whoops), and I've met a lot of great people in the hobby. I have over 100 subscribers and have achieved thousands of views, but above all, this guy has always been one of my top followers. He and I have traded a countless amount of times, and we exchange comments on our respective posts an awful lot. His name is William, from the blog foul bunt.

Outside of our card hobby, William has given me so much great advice and help over the past year or so. We have become great friends, even though we live hundreds of miles away. Cards bring us together but both of us have a unique passion for the game that can not be taken away from us. Anyway, this Christmas, we both got each other gifts. Me, being the lazy person I've always been, haven't shipped it yet but don't worry I will! Well, I got his gift yesterday and I was amazed at the stuff waiting inside this Lou Gehrig Sweet Spot Classic Tin.

He first included a bunch of mixed Yankees cards and 2010 Topps cards. The Heritage Chrome cards are really nice, as seen on the AJ Burnett card. Also, some sweet Canos and Hughes for the player collections.

It's Swish overload! Here are 7 Swisher cards he gave me, the big one being the Co-Signers insert numbered to 250. I know I have a few of these, and I know I needed some of these, but I love any and all Swishers!

Lastly were these 3 2010 Topps Pro Debut Hudson Valley Renegades cards! When him and Max (Knuckle Ball Blues) opened some boxes of this product, I asked them if any Renegades were found. Derek Dietrich, Jake Thompson, and Chris Murrill were found. Of course, over any of them, I was most excited about Dietrich, considering my friend and I hunted him down at a game this year to get his autograph, and we succeeded.

The first of the two final, big cards, was this 1959 Topps Virgil Trucks card! This is my 1st Trucks card, outside of the custom I made of him a while ago, so I was really excited to find this card! Also, its his only Yankees Topps card, which is awesome. It's in nice shape, and is a beautiful looking card of a great man. If you don't remember, I received multiple autographs and a hand written letter back from Mr. Trucks just a few months ago, and I got both him and I into his cards and career. So, this card means a lot to me and it's a sweet addition to my small Yankees vintage collection.

The big gift, was certainly big to say the least! HOLY COW!!! It's a 1953 Bowman Color Phil Rizzuto card! This card is the second card I own from this set, and this and that card (Larry Miggins RC) are the two oldest cards I own! The card displays Rizzuto bunting, which was a specialty of his throughout his career! Rizzuto won 7 World Series with the Yankees, and made 5 All Star teams. He's been regarded as one of the top Yankees shortstops ever, well until Jeter came into baseball. The card is not in mint condition, there are some creases, and some corner damage, but it is in good enough condition for me for sure! It's a very valuable card, and books over 200 dollars, but can be found for a little cheaper.

All I know is dude, you did too much! This is unreal! Thank you so much for the gifts, I really appreciate it. What I want the rest of you to do is PLEASE go check out and subscribe to his blog if you haven't already. If you love baseball history, then that is a place to go!

Thanks again dude, you're the best!

See Ya!


  1. The pleasure was all mine, man. I'm glad you enjoyed!

  2. Super sweet cards bud.

  3. Wow,That Rizutto is a super sweet card! Very generous of your friends.

    I'm a partial season ticket holder with the Staten Island Yankees, so I get to see Hudson Valley at least once a year.

    Congrats on a super xmas haul.


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