Monday, May 17, 2010

White Plains Card Show Recap Part III

Hey guys, Drew back here again, here is part 3 of the show recap.

Random Finds

My dad got me a bunch of stuff at the show, and most of this is from him. Really cool stuff, here goes...

First off is a 1991 Donruss "The Rookies" set, which contains all rookies and 1 puzzle.

The main highlights in it were rookies of Luis Gonzalez, Ivan Rodriguez, Jeff Bagwell, and Chuck Knoblauch. The puzzle was of Willie Stargell, and it was pretty nice overall. I think he got it for like $2 so in my opinion, thats like a steal.

Next is another complete set he got me for cheap, a 1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes set. That is the name of my custom card set so that's pretty cool, but I can't touch the amazingness of these cards! The picture just shows the highlights, there were about 40 cards in the set. My favorite has to be the Hank Aaron though, what a cool card!

Most of these except one were from dad too. The Nolan Ryan is very nice and was cheap, and so was the Seaver, although the seller said it was a 30 dollar card. Sure, and the world is gonna end in 2012. WTF? The Hank is really nice too, never saw it before and I must say I never heard of Topps HD. Lastly, that Griffey is just a great card, sweeeeeeeeet! I bought the Heyward for $6, because I needed one of him. I have him on my fantasy team and I'm hoping he has a great career. I may very soon start getting more of him too.

Finally, from dad, a beautiful 1991 Bowman Jim Thome rookie graded 10! Sure, it's a USA graded card, but a Hall of Fame great condition Thome rookie for $2 is a steal!

Part 4 coming soon... See Ya!

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