Sunday, May 16, 2010

White Plains Card Show Recap Part II

Hey guys, Drew back here. Moving along...


I bought 2 hobby packs only at this show since I wanted more singles and didn't have much interest in packs. Here are the results:

2010 National Chicle (1 Pack)

- Roy Halladay
- Matt Kemp
- Ryan Braun
- Ted Lilly (not pictured)
- Honus Wagner SP
- Jose Reyes
- Mariano Rivera (PC)
- Carlos Zambrano

These cards are really cool. Sure, some paintings are kinda ugly, but I like most of them and I'm planning on getting more. For now I'm keeping the Rivera and the rest is for trade.

2010 Bowman (1 Pack)

- Gordon Beckham
- Justin Morneau
- Brian McCann
- Josh Willingham
- Donovan Tate Topps 100 Insert
- Brian Baisley Chrome Prospect (NYY- PC)
- Sonny Gray USA Chrome
- D.J. LeMahieu Draft Pick
- Anthony Gose Draft Pick
- Ryan Zimmerman Gold Parallel

Again, not bad, my reason for buying this pack was to pull A Strasberg or Bryce Harper card, which both were selling for $30 each or so at the show. The cards look very nice this year, but I don't see the point in Topps 100. Nonetheless, it was a nice Donovan Tate.

So those were what I bought pack wise, but my friend bought some packs too. He was almost out of money so he bought 2 old school packs, I think 1989 Bowman, and 1991 Stadium Club. Yeah, he ate the gum in the Bowman pack! It had a disgusting sound while he chewed it, and an imprint of the original piece was left on the back of a Mookie Wilson card!

See Ya!

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