Friday, May 28, 2010

2009 UD Spectrum Box Break Pt. 1

Hey guys, Drew back here. Again, it's been a while, I'm struggling to get on track here, so many projects and finals it's just driving me crazy. I have multiple Grandpa Roy questions, I need to continue the Worst Autograph Bracket, I have some mail to post, and this, so I better get started. This is indeed Part 10 of the White Plains recap, a box that my awesome dad gave me for us to open. 2009 Spectrum was never a big favorite of mine but there is some good potential Ok, so another talking, and more breakin! But, first, the very valuable Product layout!

14 Packs Per Box
5 Cards Per Pack
70 Cards Per Box
Randomly Inserted 20th Anniversary Cards
Randomly Inserted Base Parallels
1 Celebrity Autograph Per Box
1 Rookie Autograph Per Box
1 Game Used Per Box (on average)

The base cards have a purple background, kinda feminine, I'm not a big fan of them, but the parallels are very nice looking. Let's see what I pulled!


Base Set: 60/100

As I previously mentioned, the base set is purple with silver on the sides. It's very similar to Upper Deck X, but more purpler, if that's a word.

20th Anniversary Cards (5):
- #260 Operation Desert Storm
- #17 Carl Yastrzemski 3,000 Hits
- #226 Nolan Ryan Win 300
- #37 Michael Jordan "A Star is Born"
- #494 Rollie Fingers 7 All Star Selections

These cards are kinda pointless, but I did get a laugh to see that they still screw up Rollie Fingers cards. Click on the picture and check out the bottom of the card. Hahaha.

Base Red Parallel /250 (2):
- #17 Alfonso Soriano 179/250
- #76 Andy LaRoche 198/250

What some people buy this product for, the great looking parallels. Maybe Upper Deck should've considered this color as the main base color. I'd gladly make purple an insert color!

Base Green Parallel /99:
- #19 Kosuke Fukudome 81/99

Sorry, this is already going to someone, but yeah, it's a nice low numbered card!

Spectrum Relics Gold /99:
- #30 Grady Sizemore 22/99
- #45 Alex Gordon 99/99

As you already can see, there are only supposed to be 2 relics in a box, well, we got lucky and hit a hot box! Nothing special with these, both for trade if anybody's interested.

Spectrum Rookie Autographs:
- #102 Conor Gillaspie

Spectrum of Stars Di-Cut Celebrity Auto /50:
- #TC Tommy Chong

First off, the rookie auto actually sells for decent money which kinda surprised me, but what really surprised me is the second one! Tommy Chong, a comedian that was before my time that I didn't really know, well, the regular auto sells for $20-45 dollars, so, how about the di-cut version? Pretty good!

Spectrum Swatches /99:
#SS-PU Albert Pujols 85/99
#SS-JE Derek Jeter 15/99

Who are these guys that came as hits 5 and 6? Probably some minor leaguers, so, if you want them, I'll send them to you free! :)

All jokes aside, these are two great cards of arguably the two best hitters of the 2000's, and one is my favorite player, obviously Jete.

What a great box we got, and we had a very lucky day at the show! The full review will come next and then we'll be back on schedule! See Ya!


  1. Great box. Spectrum has some great celebrity autos and some clunkers as well. I was chasing the Leslie Neilsen for a little while.

  2. That's an awesome box.


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