Thursday, August 22, 2013

Birthday Present from Dad!

Hey guys, Drew back here! To go along with William's great birthday gifts, my Dad also surprised me with something he picked up for me on my birthday! Check it out:

My dad and I both love Yogi Berra, in fact; he has to be both him and I's favorite retired player! So when I first saw "Yogi, It Ain't Over...", I was immediately excited! I have a lot of great books to read, but I haven't had much time for them lately. This one will definitely go onto that list, and it might move ahead of some other books on the rankings! I can only imagine what Yogi had to say in his autobiography! 

But wait.. there's more...

Yep, the book is signed by Yogi also! I can never have enough autographs of his, and I can now add "signed book" to my increasingly impressive collection of his. We came so close to meeting him in Cooperstown, but unfortunately he cancelled. I would still go out of my way to meet him, but I understand that he isn't exactly in mint condition anymore. It may never happen, but I'm still always on the lookout.

Thanks so much Dad for the great gift! I can't wait to read it!

See Ya!

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