Monday, June 29, 2009

Trade on the forum

Hey guys, Drew back here with an update for my blowout forum thingamajigger. I got over the fact that nearly everyone was complaining about me there and talked to a nice 13 year old kid, who I just finished off a trade with. It will benefit both sides, and I won't tell you what I'm getting, but I'll show you the card that will forever leave my collection:

Yeah, I know. It will be tough to lose, even as a Yankee fan. My 2008 UD Sweet Spot Quad Jersey of Soriano/A.Ramirez/Lee/Zambrano is saying goodbye to you all. Here are the reasons I liked this card:

1: It has a nice design
2: It's Sweet Spot
3: Alfonso is on it, a great Yankee for life
4: It is a quad with some good players
5: The swatches are blue and one gray and it looks nice with the jersey color

I probably could say more, but I'm looking forward to the card I will get, which has only 14 other existing copies. Thanks for the trade dude on the forum, and can't wait to get the card in.

In other news of Drew's life, here we go:

- The Yankees swept the Mets! Yay!
- Billy Mays died! NOOOOOOOO!
- I'm digesting an ice cream sundae that tasted really good.
- I'm itching like crazy due to the extreme amount of mosquito bites I got at my friend's airsoft party, and it is really annoying.
- Waiting to get the cards from The Mojo Hand, if you haven't checked out his blog, go ahead and check it out!
- I'm thanking KW from "Core Contrarian" for subscribing. Enjoy the blog!
- I am sweating from rounding the bases so many times playing with kickball with my 8 year old sister.
- I am sitting in the dark.
- I am addicted to this thing!
- I beat the best team in fantasy baseball 6-4!
- I'm going to the shop tomorrow to get some of the 3 boxes for the 4th Quarter Spectacular!


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