Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can I Get A Ridiculous!!!

Alright. 2009 Razor Ink Archives is as ridiculous as my title for this post! Here is a list of all the autos I've seen pulled in this so far: (tell me if you know anybody)

Arnold Vosloo
Billy Drago
Jack Osbourne
Simon Walker
Hank Summers
Sharon Osbourne
David Monahan
Ron Glass
Richard Mall
Daniel Roebuck
Mimi Rodgers
Some random guy from Alien vs. Predator
Brent Stait
T.W King
Jed McNally
Anna Espinoza
Tom Link
Sharon Angela
Brendan Fraser (1st one I've heard of)
Robert Clary
Josh Randall
Laura Cohan
Percy Bone Hamilton
Ron Perlman
Jackeline McKinzie

Don't know if I spelled these names right but who really cares? $89.99 worth of... Great Stuff!

Somebody pull Ozzy already!


  1. I've heard of a great many of them. I've seen a lot of this opened and, considering there are only 299 cases, the price point isn't too bad. Some of these autos will get the box money back because there are rabid fans of some of the TV shows.

  2. yeah, I'm not a big movie and tv show guy. i mean i watch some of them, but i don't follow it as much. i still can't see how these names make up $90 bucks of cards.


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