Friday, June 19, 2009

Nice card I got recently

I went to Dragons Den last weekend and picked this up: (sorry for the glare)

It's a
2009 UD Piece of History
Franchise History Relic Card of
The Captain
4 Time World Series Champion
Mr. November
And My favorite player,
Derek Jeter

My 1st!
Now I have a tiny piece of a jersey he wore in a game! YIPEE!

Also I got this, which is for trade (although I don't know who would want it):

2009 UD Piece of History Eric Chavez Stadium Scenes #ed/999 ( i got this in a pack)

Also, my mom gave me 2 packs of Topps Series 1 09 today and the best card was a Travis Snider Rookie Card. See Ya!


  1. I like the Derek Jeter.

    My mom got me two packs of Topps series 2 09 today oddly enough.


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