Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Autograph Counter

Hey everyone, Drew back here. So before I left for Italy, I organized more of my collection than I had in years. It was such a nice relief coming home to not too much of a disaster in my man-cave. While cleaning up, I decided to count every single signature I own. As long as I could identify the subject, it was added to my spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was designed to accommodate for all future autograph pickups, so I was able to add to it with the few TTM's and eBay pickups from when I was away.

As of today, I own 896 total autographs, and here is how it all breaks down:

Active Players - 296/896 (33%)
Deceased Players - 48/896 (5%)
Hall of Famers - 110/896 (13%)

Yankees - 287/896 (32%) of Total, 287/777 (37%) of Baseball
Jets - 54/896 (6%) of Total, 54/74 (73%) of Football
Knicks - 7/896 (0.8%) of Total, 7/14 (50%) of Basketball

I also have a spreadsheet that tracks how many autographs I have of individual players. Here's the current top 20 on that list:

1. Nick Swisher (12)
2. Luis Severino (11)
3. Joe Panik (10)
4. Robinson Cano (9)
5. Don Larsen (7)
6. Yogi Berra (6)
Wade Boggs (6)
Virgil Trucks (6)
Sparky Lyle (6)
Roy White (6)
Josh Hamilton (6)
Pat Neshek (6)
Goose Gossage (6)
Bobby Doerr (6)
Bob Feller (6)
16. Ty Hensley (5)
Lee Smith (5)
Don Mattingly (5)
C.C. Sabathia (5)
Bobby Shantz (5)

This was a grueling project, but I'm really glad I did it in retrospect. Now I can shoot for specific autograph goals in the beginning of the year, without changing my collecting habits of course. I'm going to add a counter on my sidebar indicating what my total is up to as my quest for 1,000 marches on.

I challenge you guys to see how many autographs you have in your collection! It might be more than you think!


  1. My total varies on whether or not TTMs and IP autographs are included. If they are then my total is north of 1000 with TTM autographs making up the bulk of it.

    I'm pretty sure the guy I have the most autographs of is Luis Torrens (no surprise there) with 29 autographs the last time I checked (dupes included). I'm not 100% sure but I have a feeling a distant second is Kyle Holder with 10 autographs. I think the most autographs of a single player I had was roughly 30 or so of Dellin Betances back in 2013.

    1. Definitely include the TTM's and IP autos, they are signatures after all! That's pretty impressive, congrats!

  2. Wow, that is awesome. I definitely need to do something like this. I probably have over 30 Hensley autos. Would be cool to count though.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I'd definitely be interested in seeing what you've got.

  3. That is fantastic! I would love to give it a try. Did you only count them as Yankees autographs if the card was of them as a Yankee? Just curious.

    1. For the Yankees, if it was a card or picture they would have to be pictured in uniform, but I counted baseballs of any players who played for them at some point during their careers. Thank you, and good luck if you decide to give it a shot yourself!


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