Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day Bash!!!

Yo Whats Up Guys, it's Valentines Day, of course, and I got some cards. I got two blaster boxes of Upper Deck Masterpieces, a pack of 08 Topps Jumbo, and a hobby pack of Topps Stadium Club baseball. So I'll start with the Masterpieces:

Retail Product Info:
7 Packs + 1 Amazing Bonus Pack!
4 Cards per pack, unless if there is a Legacy card, then there is 5 cards
1 SP per box (not sure)

So I got some really nice cards. My short prints in the two boxes were of Ryne Sandberg and Johnny Bench. I completed 65% of the base set, which is 120 cards. Cards 91-120 in the set are SPs, but I think I could complete the set if I focus on it. I have gotten sets before, but never actually have completed one. I have a want list, and I'm trying to collect quite a few baseball sets from 08. Anyway, getting back on track, my legacy cards were of: Roy White, Elston Howard, Thurman Munson, and Roger Maris. I actually met Roy White a couple years back at a card show, and got his autograph. I have a picture with him...
So I was very impressed with the Masterpieces boxes. Here are a few nice cards I got in them...
The two short prints, don't have many pics loaded on the computer, sorry.

Next was the pack of Topps Series 2 Jumbo from 2008. I was also impressed with this. I never really tried hobby stuff of this, but I actually like it. It had quite a few inserts, well, there should be, there's like 45 cards per pack. There was a Topps Stars Jose Reyes, a Newspaper Headline of Frank Thomas, a Presidential Campaign Card of James Buchanon and some other Republican guy that faced him, a Trading Card History of Nick Markakis, a Gold Foil Card of AJ Pierzinski #ed/2008, a Hideki Okajima 50th Anniversary Insert, and a Red Hot Rookie Redemption Card, which I redeemed and should be in by my birthday in July, but probably won't. It is card # 13, which is Chris Dickerson of the Reds.

Finally, in the pack of Topps Stadium Club, I got a Troy Tulowitski #ed/999, a Chris B Young Photographers Proof #ed/99, a Garrett Atkins base, a very thick 1st Day Issue Eric Chavez #ed/599, and a sick looking Beam Team Autograph of Jesse Crain of the Minnesota Twins. He is a pitcher if you haven't heard of him, and I guess a pretty good reliever. The card is not numbered, but it is definitely not up for trade unless something way better comes up. Here is a picture of me holding the card up so you can see the cool stain-glass effect to the card.

So thats about it, Happy Valentines Day, and see ya!

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