Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spot-On Accuracy!!!

If you don't know why I said this check out this link and find out:

Alright guys, I don't wanna brag but I will say this: I WAS RIGHT!!!

david-ortiz-1.jpg image by nyyankees4

Please tell me I wasn't right!

Oh wait, hmmm, him too:

Now once they reveal that Manny supported steroids to Ortiz my story before is exactly the news. If you don't know what I'm saying, last month I posted an entry saying how Manny and Ortiz (I thought) used roids and my entire theory about it. Apparently today in the New York Times writer Michael Schmidt reported that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were caught using steroids in 2003. I said quote: "Manny's HGH he used is a post steroid substance, something only players use after steroids. My guess is that he has used a steroid or two before, maybe even in Cleveland, but most likely in Boston." Spot On, Spot On.

Here is what I said with Ortiz:

"Now, David Ortiz lifetime as a Twin, hit 58 home runs in 6 seasons, with 238 runs batted with 393 hits total. The next year he was dealt to the Red Sox, with Manny already on the team, and he finished 5th in MVP voting (2003). He went on to finish in the top 5 in MVP voting 5 years in a row starting in 2003, and the next year he started a streak of All Star Games played until this point, which doesn't look good for Papi."

"Ortiz's home run totals went from 20 in 2002, to 31 in 2003, to 41 in 2004, to 47 in 2005, and to 54 in 2006! His weight has stayed the same throughout his career at 230, but may not mean anything in the long run. When Manny left Boston, in 2008, Ortiz struggled. I can't find his 2nd half stats from last year, but lets say that he hit 20 home runs total, and his batting average dropped 68 points! This year, Ortiz has 6 home runs and a current .213 batting average, and only 30 RBI!"

Nuff Said. Leave comments, especially you Offy, I know you'll find a way to defend this. I'm excited about this. This is incredible. Ciao!


  1. Hold on a second. Nowhere in any of the articles posted today does it say that Ortiz used steroids. The "lawyers" who supplied this information didn't say what substance was found. There are multiple substances that could get players on that list. For example, it wasn't a positive steroid test that got Manny suspended for 50 games this season, it was the use of another banned substance (which wasn't HGH, that's not detectable by any tests at the moment) almost exclusively used in men to raise testosterone after a steroid cycle.

    Also, look at the quotes from Ortiz in the article that you linked to. Does that sound like any of the other people who have been caught red-handed doing steroids? Ortiz is going to look like a huge hypocrite if he ends up testing positive for steroids after saying that anyone who gets caught should be banned for a year.

    I know that Yankees fans think it is their duty to bash the Sox, but please stick to the facts. You point out Ortiz's decline in stats at the end of last season, but you fail to mention his wrist injury that he had surgery on in the off-season.

    You mention his stats with the Twins, but you fail to mention that he was held back by a couple of injuries until he lost his job to Doug Meinkiewitz. He wasn't even the everyday DH when the Sox first acquired him having to sit while guys like Jeremy Giambi got playing time.

    Are you saying that Ortiz wasn't tested in 2004 - 2009? One year of a mystery banned substance allowed him to put up the numbers that he has for the Sox?

    If you want to stick with bashing, the Sox still need about 5 more guys to get caught before they get anywhere near the Yankees. I think they're second only to the Texas Rangers in players that have been caught juicing.

  2. I with Offy on this one.... I think you taking a shot a Offy is way out of line.... Why do Yankee fans always have to act like that?? To me, who cares anymore?? Really just let it go.... time to move on, No more looking back.... But if you wanna look back, remember 2003?? When the Florida Marlins killed the Yanks in the WS... ah yes good times!


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