Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 3 & 4

Hey guys, Drew back here with packs 3 & 4. I put myself on the limit that told me 2 packs a day, but yesterday, I did the 1st 2 by myself and when my dad got home from work, I asked him if he wanted to do any, and we did. I've been struggling miserably so far in this thing, and let me tell you now (to warn you) it didn't get any better. Here are the cards:

Pack 3
Ryan Doumit- 0 Pts.
Garrett Atkins- 0 Pts.
Max Scherzer- 0 Pts. (Multi Eye Color guy, give him points!)
Kolan McConiughey- 0 Pts. (Olympic Bowler, hey I'm a pro at Wii Bowling, I should get a card!)

Ubaldo Jimenez- 0 Pts.
Derek Jeter Brian Kong Sketch (I'm drooling over this card) 3 Points (Fav. List) Thanks John from Old School breaks for telling me that this card is full points.

Mini Everth Cabrera RC- 0 Pts.
Francisco Liriano National Pride- 0 Pts.

Pack 3 Total: 3 YUCK
So Far: 19 Points

Pack 4

Eric Byrnes: -1 Pts. (Come on now, please, he used to be decent)
Pat Neshek: 0 Pts.
Shane Victorino: 0 Pts. (Who doesn't like the Flyin Hawaiian!)

Brian Duensing RC: 0 Pts. (brutality)
Kurt Suzuki: 0 Pts.
Justin Morneau: 0 Pts. (Oh man, I thought he'd be worth something!)

Mini Josh Johnson Ad Back- 2 (Finally some positive points!, of one of my fantasy pitchers!)


National Pride Edinson Volquez- 0

Pack 4 Total- 1 BRUTAL!!!
Total: 20

I gotta step up my game. I'm going to see Harry Potter this morning, at 10:00, the 1st showing of it at my mall! Awesome! Please vote on the new poll if you haven't already, and see ya later!


  1. The black bordered card and the Van Gogh in the post below are kind of beautiful.

  2. Not sure how big a difference it'll make, but remember you get full points for any Jeter cards you pull since he was your favorite...

  3. oh ok, thanks! every point counts!


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