Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Before Gint-A-Cuffs Starts

I have another 2 posts to write. 1st one is about 2 cards I own that I noticed had something wrong with them. Both of these cards are from the 1980s, while I was putting random no-name 80's guys into a box of junkies. Here they are:

Number 1- sorry for the dark picture

This is a Mookie Wilson Rookie Card from 1981 Donruss

What's Wrong?: Look at the shape of the card. It looks like someone at Donruss needs a new pair of scissors! He cut this card COMPLETELY WRONG! Sad, just sad.

Number 2-

This is a Leaf card form the mid 1980's of Darrell Evans. Look at the back of the card picture for the error.

In 1980, it says he hit 80 home runs. Hard to believe huh, and the funny thing is that he only had 78 RBI! OK Donruss, thats pretty crazy. See Ya!

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