Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 17 & 18

Well, well, well, Time for a comeback. Let's go Red Ink Auto! Let's Go Phelps speedo card! Let's Go Invisible Man Auto! Who knows? You know, when you open a pack of baseball cards, chances are that you will get different cards in each pack! Here we go:

Pack 17

Jered Weaver: 0 (Let's Hope This isn't Yawnfest 2.0)
Michael Cuddyer: 0 (Aw, too late)
Rich Harden: 0 (yawn)
Joba Chamberlain: -1 (Yes! Yes! Yes! no)

Javier Vasquez SP: 5 Pts. (Thank you Javier. We know you're not good enough to be in the base set, but you're like Christian Guzman. Coming through in da clutch!)

National Heroes Niels Ebbeson: 5 Pts. (Awesome, some Denmark dude I've never heard of! YAY!)

Albert Pujols Brian Kong Sketch: 3 (Nobody likes him???)

Ryan Rowland-Smith National Pride: 0

Pack 17 Total: 12

NICE! Keep it up!

Pack 18

Hiroki Kuroda: 0
Art Pennington: 2 Pts. (Cool! I like these Negro Leaguer cards in the set!)

Elvis Andrus RC: 0
Adrian Beltre: 0
Charles Goodyear: 0
Edgar Gonzalez SP: 5 Pts. (Who is this guy? Adrian's brother? Who in their right minds includes this dude in their set? Still, I shouldn't complain)

Rocco Baldelli SP Mini: 7 Pts. (SWEET, more Red Sox Mojo! You know how much I love them!)

Josh Hamilton Mini: 2 Pts. (Whaaaa! 2 Minis In 1 Pack? Weird)

Max Scherzer National Pride: 0

Pack 18 Total: 17 Points
So Far: 187 Points

So, heres the scoop. One of my packs only had 7 cards, and this had 9. That pack before had no mini, this had 2. Weird! Still, lots of needed points there. See Ya!

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  1. Sounds like some packing issues in those packs..what a shock! You'll get that red ink auto in the next set...Good luck!


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