Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 13 & 14 (2nd Hit!!!)

Hey guys, Drew back here with packs 13 & 14. I just had my friends leave my house, after having a blast, playing manhunt at night, going in the pool, playing RockBand, and just hanging out. I got some cards from 2 of my friends, and I will share that with you later. Some cool stuff, cool stuff. So, my dad and I opened packs 13 & 14, after hearing the 2 recent Allen & Ginter blogosphere stories, a couple bloggers broke the Ginter code, and Beardy posted a 347 point box 2, now officially leading the game. I need a comeback, do I get it here, we'll see:

Pack 13

Ryan Braun: 2 Points (Way to kick it off, an All Star!)

Jon Lester: 0
St. Patrick's Cathedral: 0
Curtis Granderson SP: 7 Points (Favorite + SP)

Evan Longoria Jersey Card: 40 POINTS!!! (Relic x 5, favorite list,= 40) AWESOME!!!

Frank Evans Mini: 2 Points (Cool, 1st one so far of a Negro Leaguer!)

Kosuke Fukudome National Pride: 4 Points

Pack 13 Total: 55 Stinkin Points!

Alright, that there was an awesome pack! The Longoria is an awesome looking card, and so many nice cards other than that too. That got me in the game! Let's see what pack 14 has in store:

Pack 14

Mark Ellis: 0 (Not a good start)
Robbie Madison: 0 (Cool! A motocross champ in my pack! Ye-ye-ye!)
Evan Longoria: 2 (Awesome again! Longoria comes through in the clutch!)

Carl Crawford: 0 (All Star MVP!!!)
Dan Haren: 0 (Pitching awesome this year! Great ERA!)
Justin Masterson SP: 5 Points (I hate the Sox, but I'm likin the Masterson right now. Thanks Bud!)

Joba Chamberlain Mini: -1 Points (Just when I was on a roll, another stinkin Yankee pops up!!!)

Vladimir Guerrero National Pride: 0 (Nice card, towards the end of a great career!)

Pack 14 Total: 6 Points

So Far: 135 Points (Getcha, getcha head in the game! I'm Back)

So, thanks for looking, and see ya!

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  1. it's nice to hear a Yankee fan say "another stinkin' Yankee!"
    good times.


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