Sunday, May 1, 2016

Scooby Makes a Splash

Being chosen in the NFL Draft has to be one of the best possible feelings an athlete could possibly experience. Some players choose to take a humble, gracious approach in reaction to the news. Others take no issue in expressing themselves. The latest example of the ladder reaction stemmed from the 250th overall pick in this past week's NFL Draft, Cleveland's Scooby Wright III.

Phillip Anthony Wright III, otherwise known as Scooby; was so thrilled when the Browns chose him with their final pick of the draft that he could be seen jumping into his pool! The clip featured from ESPN NFL's draft coverage was posted on their official Vine account and currently has almost 1.5 million loops. 

The final few rounds of the NFL Draft is typically only worth viewing for hardcore football fans and for the players and teams involved. Usually there isn't much suspense or intrigue throughout this portion of the event, which made Scooby's celebration particularly amusing. The Vine went viral because not only was the act hilarious and heartwarming, but it also allowed us to think of how we would react if we walked in an athlete's shoes on Draft Day. Also, the timing of the Vine post coincided with the conclusion of the draft; making it relevant and easy to come across when perusing various multimedia coverage.

The rookie linebacker also took to Twitter, proclaiming that his new team will not be disappointed with the late round pick:

If Wright displays the amount of entertainment value on the field as he does off the field, he could be a lot of fun to watch for years to come.

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