Monday, December 28, 2015

The Biggest Win of the Year

Hey guys, Drew back here! Yeah, I know, it's been weeks. I can explain. The lapse began with my final exams and ended with about a week on the shelf after having all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. Christmas came in the midst of my recovery (Happy Holidays to all of you!), and yesterday I returned to Metlife Stadium with my Dad for the first time since 2010 to witness the Jets' biggest win of the season. So, it's been an extremely jam packed few weeks, but I hope to be back to catch you all up on my collection before I leave for Florence about a month from now.

As I said, Dad and I went to the Meadowlands yesterday for the biggest game of the Jets' season. We bought the tickets for his birthday in September because we always wanted to see them play against the Patriots despite our pure hatred for all things Brady & Belichick. To be honest though, I did feel honored to get to watch Brady play in person, as much as I wanted to see our defense break his legs and knock them out of contention. He is the best quarterback I've ever had the pleasure of watching. He creates something out of nothing practically every season, is remarkably clutch, and has left a lasting legacy in New England (despite some of the mysterious controversies hidden in the Pats organization). 

The Jets always like to make things interesting. They have had an impressive season thus far, with their record standing at 9-5 before yesterday's matchup. However, throughout all of my years as a football fan, whenever a game is down to the wire, the Jets seem to always manage to find a way to lose it. They had a two touchdown lead over New England midway through the third quarter until Ryan Fitzpatrick fumbled the ball, which was recovered for a Patriots touchdown. From that point until the end of regulation, their offense disappeared. 

The view from our seats was outstanding!

But, perhaps due to the luck of the 10% Irish in my blood, this time they managed to pull away with the victory. The Patriots won the coin toss in overtime but elected to kick rather than receive, and I was totally confused by the decision (as many others appeared to be as well). We took advantage of Belichick's blunder and drove down the field like it was the first half all over again. It capped off with a beautiful pass from Fitzpatrick to Eric Decker that gave us a crucial advantage for making the playoffs. I don't know if I had ever been happier to be a Jet fan than I was in that moment, practically leaping into my dad's arms with joy while screaming at the top of my lungs!

Since the Ravens beat the Steelers, we control our own destiny as Gang Green rolls into Buffalo to meet with former ringleader Rex Ryan in the final week of the regular season. Bills running back Boobie Dixon has already considered it their team's "Super Bowl", as it would boost their spirits going into the offseason if they knock the Jets out of the playoff race. After watching yesterday's game, I'm relatively confident that we will do what it takes to advance. But, rule #1 of being a Jets fan is to never, EVER get overly confident.

Regardless of next week's outcome, I can say that I watched a hell of a game yesterday and had an amazing time with my Dad. We have gotten to attend some spectacular events in the past, and this one will rank near the top of them all. I'd like to thank our new GM Mike Maccagnan for making this season happen. His trades for Fitzpatrick and receiver Brandon Marshall, along with revamping our entire defense and bringing back Revis Island have all been key components to this great year. It would be a shame if a 10 win team with this level of talent doesn't make the playoffs, but as long as he's calling the shots it may not be the last time we make a run for it in coming seasons.

We were handed a few five card mini sets of Jets players on the way out. I have a few extra, in case anyone is interested. I don't collect football cards nearly as heavily as baseball, but I like to see the updated designs Topps creates each year. I'm a fan of this year's industrial design, and hope to have some more Jets from the set roll in as time goes by.

I have a bunch of great things to show off in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for that. I've gotten five TTM's in that I didn't expect and a few really thoughtful Christmas gifts to share. 

Until next time, see ya!

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  1. I'm glad Marshall is working out well for you guys; however, I'm also glad he's not in Chicago anymore as well. When times are good, so too is Marshall. When times are rough, he tends to get a little insufferable.


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