Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vintage Cards From Pop Popps

Hey guys, Drew back here, with some cards from my grandpa, and this time may be one of THE BEST so far. Let's see what you have here:

Theres a guy also in NY that would like half of the above cards more, haha. The Seaver is the card they use for the Cards Your Mom Threw Out, so that's cool, I have a few of the real cards. Nice Schmidt and Bretts too.

VERY nice stuff here. A very vintage Steve Carlton, a nice Yaz (if you can call it that), a cool Ty Cobb, and a few others. Oh yeah, a 1972 Roberto Clemente. SWEET! This is his last major Topps release, and although this specific card is in horrible condition, it's a favorite of mine. I also like the Madlock League Leaders and the Torre when he was young.

Nothing like a 1972 Thurman Munson! He's already given me one of these before, but another doesn't hurt! Munson is my dad's all time favorite baseball player, and Joe Klecko in football, because he always liked the tough guys. Munson would've been a Hall of Famer if not for his accident. Tragic.

And we are getting better and better! A Bruce Sutter rookie card! I think I have a few vintage Hall of Fame rookies now, Tony Gwynn, Bruce Sutter, Goose Gossage, Joe Morgan, and maybe a few more. Sutter is one of the best closers in history and it's cool to get something of a guy I don't have much of.

Night Owl, I know you always say that you don't mind a little wear on your cards from a while back. Well, I don't think you've ever seen a card this effin hilarious in your life. First off, there is a giant ripped spot on the right side of the card. Second, can you see the tape over Dick Bosman? Well, that tape is ages old and the name lifts up! There is also tape at the top! And other than a few dings and stuff, the kid or whoever used to own this card drew a beard right over Dick's beautiful face that 1972 Topps photographers wanted to show off. Beardy, you are probably jealous of me right now.

Thank you Pop Popps not only for some great cards but for a good laugh! By the way, I got these because I got inducted into this after receiving a letter last week:

Yep, the National Junior Honor Society. I have NO clue what we do, but I'm really happy I made it in! On a side note, I'm going to NYC tomorrow so I won't be posting most likely unless I get back early. So, I'll talk to you all Saturday! See Ya!


  1. Congrats on getting inducted into NJHS! Nice cards.

  2. Congrats!! And those Mets are nice! I never saw that Joe Toree card before! Kingman is a cool card, cant go wrong with Tug! And Seaver is the best of all of em! Great cards!


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