Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grandpa Roy Column Returns!


Hey everyone, I know this is pretty inexcusable but it has now been over 2 months without a question. Well, since baseball has started and the season has already provided a lot of thrills, Grandpa Roy got a question to me today and I figured lets get it up now. It's a pretty easy one, because it was all over blogs and TV today, but we figured we'll start you all off with a pretty simple one. Yesterday was crazy in the baseball world, with a 20 inning game and a no-hitter, baseball fans are seeing some exciting moments. On that note, here is your question:

Ubaldo Jimenez threw the 1st no hitter in the Colorado Rockies' 18 year history yesterday against the Atlanta Braves. Which are the 4 teams who have never thrown a no hitter in team

1: New York Mets
2: Tampa Bay Rays
3: San Diego Padres
4: Washington Nationals

Hint: TEAM history

Sorry, I didn't say current team but that's what I meant. So, the Seattle Pilots may be right, but I apologize for that. A final post will be up tomorrow or Wednesday!

So, that is the big question, now since I've gained some viewers since the last trivia post, here are the rules. You can only guess one answer per 24 hours. Only 1 of the 4 teams, not all 4 in one comment. Be fair and try not to look it up, this is a game, and there is no prize, so have fun with it and if you don't know off hand then take a guess!

Good luck!


  1. I'm going to say the Rays? Haven't been around very long.

  2. Dan took the easy one. You said team instead of franchise so I will go with the Seattle Pilots.

  3. Padres have never thrown a no-hitter.

  4. The other 3 are on the board already, so I'll say the Nationals as the 4th.

  5. Hey guys, good job! I will admit it's more of an easier one but you did good with it. I didn't mention that it's only current team, so I apologize for that, the Pilots would have been right by the way I put it. Thanks everyone, and sorry for that mistake!


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