Thursday, April 30, 2009


Alright, I am completely mad out of my mind! Here are some problems that have revolved around me ever since I got braces:

1: I can't have hard candy, popcorn, gum, & caramel for 2 years!
2: I got into a huge slump in baseball, striking out in every game in my last 3, but I did break out eventually.
3: My camera is going hay-wire with me, using its "mind of it's own". It stops during videos like my old camera, half the videos aren't being able to load on my computer, when I look at the pictures on my camera it automatically goes back to the picture mode, and it flips around different modes when I am simply trying to make a video!
4: My computer is driving me INSANE!!!! Now all of a sudden it says my computer profile is corrupted, and they gave me some default profile to use! Now every picture, powerpoint, word document, and every video is GONE!!! I am so mad right now that I'm starting to fume and in a couple minutes I will explode!!!

So, even though I had 3 or 4 different blog entries all ready to get typed up and posted, well all the pictures are gone so I can't make them yet! I wasted tons of time scanning about 100 cards, and this is what I get!!!


If anybody knows what to do about those last 2 things please give some advice! I need it!

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