Saturday, February 28, 2015

TTM Mailbag: Gang Green Edition

Hey guys, Drew back here with another addition to my Jets autograph collection. I recently sent out a batch of TTMs to former Gang Green players to bolster my collection, and have so far received autographs back from Brad Baxter, Kyle Brady, Bobby Humphery, and Jeff Lageman. I had one more success come back recently; take a look.

Bryan Cox: 1/1 in 53 Days (Received February 9th)

Bryan Cox is the latest addition to my Jets PC! Cox made 3 Pro Bowl teams as a linebacker during his time in the NFL, and most of his success came during his time with the rival Miami Dolphins in the early 1990's. He was known for wearing the strange neck roll they said was similar to a surfboard. He finished his career with 51.5 sacks, over 700 tackles, 22 forced fumbles, and 4 interceptions. He also won a Super Bowl in 2001 with the New England Patriots.

Cox currently is the defensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons, and has spent most of his time post-career working as coaches for various teams. He signed a 1999 Topps card for me in blue sharpie with his number 51 inscribed! This may be the most successful player of the five Jets I've gotten back in this bunch, and it came out very nice. Thanks Mr. Cox!

See Ya!

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