Friday, February 20, 2015

TTM Autograph from a Yankee Hero

Hey guys, Drew back here! I am officially in the saving money stage of this hobby, so I made sure to get a bunch of through the mail requests out to help me cope with saving my money. I first sent a batch of 8 Jets players out on December 18th, and I've already received 5 of them back signed! Next I sent to 7 former Yankees, and what I'm about to show off was the 2nd of 3 successes from that group thus far. Finally, I was able to manage 28 envelopes into the mail and off to Florida and Arizona for Spring Training, and hopefully some of those will start to trickle in. It's been a busy few months, but hopefully I'll start to be rewarded for all of the hard work with some great signatures. Today, I show off an autograph from someone dear to Yankee fan's hearts and hated by everyone in Boston. Bucky F*****g Dent.

Bucky Dent: 1/1 in 27 Days (Received February 12th)

Bucky Dent is a Yankee hero without question, known for one of the most clutch home runs in baseball history. He kept the Curse of the Bambino alive when his towering go ahead home run against the Red Sox crashed and landed over the Green Monster in 1978! It was a game that decided who would win the AL East and make the playoffs (since the Wild Card had not been invented yet), and Dent's bomb off of Mike Torrez proved to be the game winner when all was said and done. The Yankees would go on to win the World Series that year in part to Dent's hot streak which took him all the way to winning the World Series MVP! He never was known for his contributions at the plate, but he finished his career with 2 World Series rings and 3 All Star selections; making for a nice overall statline.

He signed a 2009 Goodwin Champions card for me nicely in blue sharpie. This is now my 4th autograph of his in my collection, and I have been able to meet him and have him sign my Mantle 16x20 project. 

Thanks Mr. Dent! See Ya! 

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