Saturday, February 4, 2012

White Plains Card Show 1/22/12 Recap, Part Six!

Hey guys, Drew back here. I'm sure, most of you are sick of me blabbing on and on about how special this show was, and how lucky I am, etc etc. But, I promise you guys that besides a few small posts I have planned, I'm just about done and ready to move on with other stuff. Trust me though, this post right here is definitely worth the read, and I could use some help! So, without any further gibberish, here is Part 6, dedicated to my awesome door prize win!

PART 6: Door Prize Success... Again?

As most of you guys who have read my blog in the past know, the White Plains shows happen to give away door prizes every couple of hours, which requires just filling out a simple card and hoping to get your name pulled. Dad, Mike, and I have had a very good strategy with them over the years, and we've been able to win some things here and there! Today was no different. I took home this beauty, as a result of somehow getting my name pulled from the box again!

This photo is truly a thing of beauty! It's a 16x20 photo of Mickey Mantle, that is signed by 29 former Yankees players! There isn't any specific time span as to the players who signed the photo, but a majority of the players on here played on the Yankees pre-1980. Not all of them played with Mantle, for example Jesse Barfield and Chris Chambliss, but all of them had been pretty solid players over the years. I was so pumped up when they announced my name, and I'm pretty sure most of you can see why. 

As far as authentication goes, the photo came along with a letter of authenticity from JSA, explaining all of the exact details of the photo and guaranteeing its authenticity. It didn't name all of the players on the photo, but it says some of the key players on there are Moose Skowron, Ralph Houk, Gene Michael, Bill Virdon, Sparky Lyle, Johnny Kucks, Horace Clarke, Ron Blomberg, and Chris Chambliss! I identified pretty much all of those without having to look at the letter, but I can't seem to find Bill Virdon anywhere on this photo. I got him through the mail a while back, so I know what his autograph looks like, and I don't see it anywhere on here.

Now here's where I need your help. I've been able to identify a majority of the autographs on the picture already, but there are still some that I can't figure out yet. Besides the Virdon (mistake possibly?), can any of you name the autographs I don't know in the comments below? I numbered each autograph, and you can just tell me, for example: Auto 2 is Moose Skowron or something. I would greatly appreciate it, because some of these autos have me stumped.

1: Phil Linz (Played 1962-1965 for NYY)
2: Moose Skowron (Played 1954-1962 for NYY)
3: Art Ditmar (Played 1957-1961 for NYY)
4: Lee Mazzilli (Played in 1982 for NYY)
5: Ralph Houk (Played 1947-1954 for NYY, Managed 1961-63, 66-73)
6: Bobby Shantz (Played 1957-1960)
7: Ralph Branca (Played in 1954 for NYY)
8: Paul Blair (Played 1977-1979 for NYY)
9: Gene Michael (Played 1968-1974 for NYY, Managed 1981-82)
10: Cecil Fielder (Played 1996-1997 for NYY)
11: Jim Beattie (Played 1977-1978 for NYY)
12: Tippy Martinez (Played 1974-1976 for NYY)
13: Don Gullett (Played 1977-1978 for NYY)
14: Chris Chambliss (Played 1974-1979, 1988 for NYY)
15: Jesse Barfield (Played 1989-1992 for NYY)

16: Ron Davis (Played 1978-1981 for NYY)
17: Dennis Sherrill (Played 1978-1980 for NYY)
18: George Zeber (Played 1977-1978 for NYY)
19: Sparky Lyle (Played 1972-1978 for NYY)
20: Dan Pasqua (Played 1985-1987 for NYY)
21: Dennis Rasmussen (Played 1984-1987 for NYY)
22: Tom Carroll (Played 1955-1956 for NYY)
23: Lee Thomas (Played in 1961 for NYY)

24: Eli Grba (Played 1959-1960 for NYY)
25: Johnny Kucks (Played 1955-1959 for NYY)
26: Horace Clarke (Played 1965-1974 for NYY)
27: John Montefusco (Played 1983-1986 for NYY)
28: Ron Blomberg (Played 1969, 1971-1976 for NYY)
29: Rafael Santana (Played in 1988 for NYY)

I was able to name 21 of the 29 autographs, but again any help with the remaining 8 would be greatly appreciated. Also, I know a lot of you guys have experimented with these large photos signed by multiple players, and I wanted to know what your take is on whether I should start to add more players to it and fill it up more, or if I should leave it as is, frame it, and call it a day. If I do decide to continue the quest for autographs, I don't think I would include current players, because they simply wouldn't really fit in. I think that majority of the players on here were born before Mantle retired, so maybe that could be a good way to arrange it by. 

This will definitely go down as one of the best card shows, if not THE best one yet! I wasn't the only one to win, however, as my friend Mike came home with something too. I'll save that for a later post! We are so lucky, and I'm really fortunate that my Dad was able to take me to the show. It means a lot. 

See Ya!

**UPDATE: Got them all, thank you to everyone for the huge amount of help! Couldn't have done it without you all!**


  1. That's a nice piece. Congrats. I should start entering those contests when I go to the White Plains shows. May I also guess that #24 is Eli Grba and #21 is Dennis Rasmussen.

    1. I looked up the players you mentioned and you were right on, thanks a lot for the help! And yeah, the prizes are awesome!

  2. The photo looks great man. I hope the blogosphere can identify your remaining autos.

  3. From the angle of the photo it looks like the signers all had huge sharpies and were told to sign the ground around the Mick while he was posing.

  4. #11 Jim Beattie
    #17 Dennis Sherrill
    #18 George Zeber
    #20 Dan Pasqua
    #29 Rafael Santana.

    No clue on 16, looks like Jayhawk Owens' sig to me but he never played for the Yankees.

    This is pretty sweet. I should come up to the White Plains show one of these days.

    1. Thanks so much!! I swore I've seen the #16 autograph before but I really have no clue. You definitely should come up! It's a huge show, like 400 tables or so. Plus it's not as packed as the National

  5. Ron Davis. Ottofield Sports has one of these pictures with 29 autos on ebay, buy it now at $250.


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