Monday, March 2, 2009

Which do you like the most?

Yeah, I Know that we all hate sticker autographs. But which one do you think is the best or is the worst?

Topps: (if you haven't seen them before, on the top it says Topps Certified and on the bottom it says Autograph Issue. It's kinda hard to see it)

Upper Deck: (the sticker with nothing on it, but in the light it says Authentic Autographs with a logo with an a all over it, you can't see the logos in the picture)

Donruss: (You can't see anything here again, but in the light it says Authentic Autographs (i think) all over it in the background.)

In my opinion, I sort of don't mind the Topps on that specific Beam Team (from Stadium Club) Autograph. But they look real bad in other places like Topps Sterling, which I think should go to on-card autos. They aren't that bad on Triple Threads, but I could also name some products where the sticker design sucks in. With the Upper Deck, I hate those stickers. The card is a Fleer one, but hopefully you know that Upper Deck owns Fleer and Fleer is closing down. It is an auto of Kevin Kouzmanoff from Fleer Ultra SE 2007, and is numbered out of 199. Everything about the card is nice except the stupid looking sticker in the middle of it. At least make it look nice or something, but just a plain old sticker that should have no use in the fun of opening packs. In Upper Deck Baseball Heroes 2008, I can't describe it, just look at the picture below:

Do you notice the extension off the corners of the sticker? That is just ugly, and in this case when I can live with that sticker somewhat, that extension just ruins it. Finally Donruss, my favorite football company, has sub-par autograph stickers. The example I have is a Leaf Certified 2008 autograph, which as you hopefully know Donruss owns Leaf, and it of Jermichael Finley. The stickers I can live with, but I don't like them all that much.

So give me your opinion on what you think. This is my order: 1) Topps, 2) Donruss, and 3) Upper Deck. My love for Upper Deck is starting to fade away somehow. Have you seen the 5 products written about by Wax Heaven? Spectrum, SPX, X, Icons, and Piece of History (which I like a little), he says look terrible. I agree with the first 4. They look like something you could pull in a Yugioh pack. As the companys get more advanced with technology, like Toppstown, Upper Deck U, Upper Deck, and Topps Attax, what ever happen to those great products. I think I'll stick to 07 and 08 products thank you very much. Thanks for viewing, and see ya!

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