Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some Recent Stuff

Hey guys, haven't put anything up in a while, and some things have gone on recently. Here is the section that I would like to call "What's New":

- I already posted about my anger of Panini buying Donruss, but here are some things I just have acquired or thought about:
- Group Breaks would be great, but I don't know if my parents would let me or how I could come up with enough people.
- Cooperstown Is Coming Up! Can't wait to visit the Hall of Fame, stores, and card shops! I'm thinking about a tin of Sweet Spot Classic but I'm not sure from there.
- The 3rd Quarter Spectacular! Possibly the spectacular will be combined with Cooperstown, but if not, I'm looking to get a box of Topps 09, and possibly do a split with Sweeny, which could either be 2 boxes of 07 Fleer Ultra SE or it could be a box of that plus an extra pack to make it six packs of Fleer Ultra SE.
- I made a HUGE trade with Mike, (36 for 36!) just got rid of some doubles.
- Lastly, I picked up this for $3.00 shipped on eBay of my newest PC boy:

Yep, that's right. A Brian Bruney 2009 UD Inkredible Autograph Card. I met Bruney a couple years ago, and I'm glad I'm going to start to collect him. I may send out a TTM to Bruney, and I'll keeping a close look on his eBay auctions, most of which don't get a bid. If you are wondering who he is, he is the set-up pitcher to Mariano Rivera on the Yankees, and you could see his stats here.

So, 6 last things want to say to finish off the longest article I've written so far on Blogger:

- I want to try Fantasy Baseball on
- I just ordered a card off eBay and it should be coming soon (hint: it's from 2005 UD Heroes baseball)
- Still waiting for Brad Smith to send me back the TTM I sent out.
- Still waiting for my Red Hot Rookie Redemption #13
- I'm not going to have a PC of Robinson Cano or A-Rod, but will collect some of their cards.
- I picked Louisville to win it all, but I want Syracuse

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