Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Official

Panini officially bought Donruss. For a baseball/football collector, I'm playing it completely safe in baseball with the loss of Donruss/Leaf/Score/Playoff. But in football, it's a different story. These are the products I will lose in baseball:

- Donruss Threads
- Donruss Elite Extra Edition
- Donruss Americana Sports Legends
- Playoff Contenders
- Playoff Prime Cuts IV

That list doesn't really matter to me. Out of all 5 of those companies, I have bought one pack of Threads and 1 pack of Elite Extra Edition. I hated Prime Cuts enough already, and Playoff Contenders is new and I don't collect prospects, so already 3/5 of these products I don't care about, plus Prime Cuts so its 4/5. I never got anything from Sports Legends so I can't tell if I like it or not, but from the likes of it, I don't think so. Here is a list in comparison with the football brands that I will lose:

- Donruss Classics
- Donruss Elite
- Donruss Gridiron Gear
- Donruss Threads
- Leaf Certified Materials
- Leaf Limited
- Leaf Rookies & Stars
- Playoff Absolute Memorabilia
- Playoff National Treasures
- Playoff Prestige
- Score Football
- Score Select

OK, this is ridiculous. If you are a football fan, please tell me now that Pangini now owns every piece of success in the football card industry. Here is that list one more time but I will tell you how many times I bought it:

- Donruss Classics (1 Blaster and some packs)
- Donruss Elite (nothing)
- Donruss Gridiron Gear (1 hobby box, 1 retail box, and more separates)
- Donruss Threads (3 retail packs or so)
- Leaf Certified Materials (1 hobby pack)
- Leaf Limited (nothing)
- Leaf Rookies & Stars (2 retail packs)
- Playoff Absolute Memorabilia (6 retail packs)
- Playoff National Treasures (billionares dream)
- Playoff Prestige (2 packs)
- Score Football (2 jumbo packs)
- Score Select (nothing)

So, 4 out of 13 products listed I haven't bought (NT, Score Select, Leaf Limited, and Donruss Elite). About 60 packs I have gotten (about 28 or so I bought) between these products, and Gridiron Gear was no doubt my favorite, especially because of this card:

This card may look like this next year:

Well Football Collectors, enjoy your Panini!

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