Friday, March 13, 2009

2 Pack Recap

Hey guys, Drew back here with a 2 recent pack break recap. My dad randomly told me Wednesday to look in some random places where he hid 2 hobby packs, which if you're looking dad, thanks again. The two packs were of Spectrum 09 and Topps Heritage High Numbered Edition. Here is the small recap.

Heritage 08 High #ed
1: Geovany Soto
2: Justin Duchscherer
3: Edinson Volquez
4: Ryan Dempster
5: Jose Molina
6: Angel Berroa
7: Ben Sheets All Star from UHH
8: Chris Aguila from UHH

1: Joakim Soria
2: Brandon Phillips
3: Wayne Gretzky 20th Anniversary
4: Rich Harden
5: Hanley Ramirez

So, I just wanted to throw that out for you guys. By the way, go check out if you haven't already, Dan from Saints From The Cheap Seats' blog. He became my first follower, and gave a good amount of advice. Hopefully, this could be the start of something. I have a small mailday coming in soon, and of course, very soon is my trip to Cooperstown with my dad. Thanks, & See Ya!

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