Sunday, March 1, 2009

First 2009 Baseball Cards for me!

Yes that is right. I bought 4 packs of 2009 Topps. I also got 3 2008 football packs: Heroes, Icons, and Masterpieces. Here is the recap:

Pack 1 (08 UD Icons Football): Base Pack with a silver foil card of Jamal Lewis. The base were Peyton Manning, LT, Jonathan Vilma, and Wes Welker. Good players in that pack

Pack 2 (08 UD Heroes Football): All Base. They were: Justin Heyward (Guitar Heroes YIPEE), Jackie Joyner Kersee (my 3rd of this "Sport Hero" in a swimsuit YIPEE), J Leman RC, Chad Henne RC, Chad Ocho Cinco, and Joseph Addai. Horrible pack, and I will never touch this product again.

Pack 3 (08 UD Masterpieces Football): Herm Edwards (when he played for the Eagles, which I didn't even know), Dan Marino (very nice card), Dwight Clark (sick), and Gale Sayers (another sweet one) Very nice pack

PACK 4 (2009 TOPPS SERIES 1 1st of 4): Andruw Jones, Angel Berroa, AJ Pierzynski, Elijah Dukes, Josh Hamilton, Toppstown A-Rod (the gold version), RC James McDonald, RC Gaby Sanchez, Joe Torre, Brandon Moss, RC Dexter Fowler, and Ubaldo Jimenez. Nice pack

PACK 5 (2009 TOPPS SERIES 1 2nd of 4): Brandon Wood, Andrew Miller, Juan Uribe, Johan Santana, League Leaders (LL) C. Jones Pujols M. Holliday, Albert Pujols normal Toppstown, Topps Attax Insert (probably a dummy), Xavier Nady, Evan Longoria 2008 AL Rookie of the Year, Mickey Mantle, Chase Utley, Ty Wiggington, and Dallas McPherson. Nice pack, I'll discuss it all later

PACK 6 (2009 TOPPS SERIES 1 3rd of 4): Erick Aybar, Ryan Rowland Smith, Joe Mather, LL Miguel Cabrera C. Quentin and A-Rod, Matt Stairs Postseason Highlights, LL Ryan Howard D. Wright & A. Gonzalez, Legends of the Game Jimmie Foxx, Ichiro Toppstown, Shane Victorino Postseason Highlights, Greg Maddux, Dustin McGowan, & John Buck

PACK 7 (2009 TOPPS SERIES 1 4th of 4): Chris Duncan, Shane Victorino, Cliff Lee, James Shields, Mike Cameron, LL Howard Dunn Delgado, LL Mauer Pedroia Bradley, Toppstown Justin Morneau, Scott Lewis RC, Mark DeRosa, Greg Smith, Cody Ross, & Work Hard Get Cards! Aight Pack

So I have officially began the 2009 card collecting year all thanks to Rite Aid, which suddenly sells cards now. The design on the cards is very nice, and I had fun opening them. The Mickey & Nady (and the A-Rod Toppstown) look great in my Yankees PC, but how could they not. Last year, they used a picture of Joba Chamberlain taking a pee on the field, this year, great action shots, and looks like Stadium Club with the pictures. I think Toppstown will be like Starquest somewhat, although the Starquests are nicer. I love the Legends of the Game inserts, and was fortunate enough to come across a Jimmie Foxx one, which is sweet. About the other packs, my mom was at Walmart and she called me while I was home playing MVP Baseball 2005, and I asked her if she could look for 09 Topps. There was none, so I figured I was hopeless and got those 3 packs, which weren't very good. I really like the Masterpieces, and it's a shame to say that they won't be made this year. Looking at the other products Upper Deck is making, I may boycott it, but I'm sort of curious about the Piece of History. As you may know, I have busted 2 boxes of it from 2008, and was definitely great for the price. So anyway, my mom calls me again while she's driving on the way home, and asks me if I wanted her to go to Rite Aid, which may sell cards. I said yes, and fortunately enough one little retail box filled with unopened 2009 baseball cards were inside. So I got 4 packs, and that's how it will begin!

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