Monday, June 10, 2013

One from the Museum Collection!

Hey guys, Drew back here! Finals week is underway, as I was required to take a written final for Gym today to kick off the 2 weeks of torture. The test was a complete joke, and I was very aggravated for having to come in for Gym. Oh well. I picked this card up the other day from the new Topps Museum Collection!
I was watching some YouTube box breaks of the new product one day, and someone came across one of these beautiful quad relics featuring 2 young stars and 2 legends from Oakland and Pittsburgh! The Pirates are undoubtedly my favorite National League team, and Andrew McCutchen is one of my current favorite players throughout all of baseball. The A's are another one of my favorite teams, and you know how much I love a nice Reggie Jackson card when I see one! So, immediately following the YouTuber pulling this card, I jumped onto eBay and added one to my own collection for around $20 give or take. It's numbered out of 99 and has 3 jersey swatches and a beautiful 3 color patch on the McCutchen! I didn't expect to see a combo with 4 players I really like, so it was a nice addition for me for sure.

What do you all think of the new Museum Collection? Better/worse than past years?

See Ya!


  1. I love the hard signed autographs this year... because of the simple design and the autographs really stand out. I'm also building the Canvas set... because I like the look of them... and b/c they're affordable.

    My only issue is the quad relic cards like the one above. Don't get me wrong... I'd add that card to my A's PC any day of the week... but why did they combine it with Pirates? If I were a member of the Topps team, I would have found another A's legend and another current A's player, instead of McCutchen and Pops. Btw... nice patch.

  2. Yeah I really think that this years is really nice looking!


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