Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Belated 88th Birthday to Number 8! Card Show Add!

Hey guys, Drew back here! As many of you may have seen, Yogi Berra celebrated his 88th birthday this past week. The Hall of Fame catcher hasn't been doing very well from what I've been hearing, but I guess that's expected of most 88 year olds you come across. At the last card show I went to, many people were telling me that he's now done with signing autographs in person, and that the only way you can get your item signed is if Steiner comes up clutch for you. Basically, I probably won't ever get to put him on my Mantle photo, which really is unfortunate. However, at that show, since I didn't buy a whole lot else, Dad & I went in on one new piece for my collection. Observe:
Indeed, I've now added Yogi Berra to my signed baseball collection! I've been wanting a Yogi ball for a while now, so this was a really big addition personally. We got it from a dealer who we've seen at every show since we started going but never really bought from, but the experience sure seemed like we've already had a history! The guy was cool enough to knock $10 off the ball, and since it wasn't authenticated by any 3rd party company, he went and got the ball authenticated by JSA free of charge! Most of his items were already authenticated and a bunch of his other customers said all of his stuff was legit, and I knew a Yogi Berra auto when I saw one. But because he went so out of his way for us, it won't be the last time we buy from him! 
I'm so glad I took advantage of this opportunity, and I'm thrilled to add #8 to my ball collection! Happy belated birthday Yogi, and god bless!

See Ya!

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